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By Letumile Psyngle Selogilwe

GENRE: Horror

Hollywood suddenly captures the world’s attention when enraged supersized snakes take vengeance during a birthday party, taking eighty-five people captive which forces a tough ex-soldier into joining the failing rescue mission to stop the executions.


TONY (37) from Boston is burning with a desire to surprise his wife LEAH on her thirty-fifth birthday party which is drawing near. He comes to Hollywood and buys a beautiful home from JERRY (37).

Jerry is a good man and he has two friends, BON and RON who are in their late twenties, but Bon is a bad guy. Before Tony moves into the house, Jerry engages BEN (ex-soldier) to attend to the defects in the house and the yard. Ben attends to all defects perfectly.

As soon as Tony moves into the house, one of the defects that had been dealt with (an anthill) sprouts again. Ben hauls it down again and to stop termites from reconstructing it, he pumps used motor oil into the hole below. However, the oil affects big snakes staying inside the hole and in order to free themselves of the oil, they come to the surface and cleanse themselves in the swimming pool.

Tony is greatly distressed by the presence of the snakes in the yard. His wife fears snakes and soon she will be coming to join him in the house. He phones Jerry and he quickly presents himself in the yard with Ben. In order to put an end to the trouble that is caused by the snakes and the termites, Ben pumps gasoline down the hole and sets it alight.

The fire drives three big snakes to the surface, one after the other and the last one gives Tony and Jerry a good chase before it dies. The three men are happy that they have put an end to

the termites and the snakes but unfortunately they do not know about the impact the fire has caused below.

The real drama unfolds during Leah’s birthday party when the house slips into the earth carrying eighty five persons. The captives find themselves at the doorstep of Hollywood’s Snake Paradise, a huge snake world lying some three hundred meters below Hollywood. The area is infested with supersized snakes.

For twenty four hours the snakes outthink the rescue personnel and continue devouring the captives. Ben forces his way into the rescue operation, but his action further annoys the snakes so that they decide to punish the innocent Hollywood community. He manages to rescue a few remaining persons and with one decisive move he puts an end to the supersized snakes before they cause greater destruction.

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