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Daniel Bromberg

Director, Editor, Sound Designer and Screenwriter

Mexico City, Mexico

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  • Tekuani, the Guardian

    Tekuani, the Guardian (2014)
    Film (Adventure, Horror and Thriller) Sound department George, Carlos and Adolfo, three unselfish rescuers, receive a call to find some tourists that are missing in a cave. After hours of searching in the depths they find a vault full of dead bodies and an ancient treasure. Excited with a discovery that can change their lives forever, they decide to take everything, not knowing that their actions will awake the terrible guardian who will poison their minds with greed, dragging them to their own destruction. Written by Anonymous

  • Cosechando Historias

    Cosechando Historias (2014)
    Film (Documentary) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Hacen el bien y miran a quién

    Hacen el bien y miran a quién (2013)
    Television (Documentary) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Bajo Tortura

    Bajo Tortura (2013)
    Film (Documentary) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Saving Santa

    Saving Santa (2013)
    Video (Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family and 2 More) Sound department With dreams of being an inventor, opportunist and eccentric elf Bernard D. Elf is made to feel a fool yet again when his innovative creation to bring back people's favourite Christmas memories back to life fails miserably. However he is then presented with the perfect opportunity to prove his worth, when Santa is kidnapped by the evil Neville Baddington, and his demanding mother Vera, who have their heart set on discovering Santa's big secret: how he delivers presents across the world in just one night. However Bernard knows how he does it, using a time travelling device to ensure all children wake up on Christmas morning with their presents under the tree. The elf decides to use this to his advantage, as he plans on going back in time and preventing the abduction from ever happening, and save Santa - and Christmas - for the entire world. Written by press release

  • A la sombra del cafetal

    A la sombra del cafetal (2012)
    Film (Documentary) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Cooler Than You

    Cooler Than You (2012)
    Television (Comedy) Producer Episode 1: All My Exes Live In Texas - Shelley and Blake are discussing her week in acting when Shelley gets a shocking tweet. Episode 2: No One Can Eat Fifty Eggs - Still raw from being dumped, Shelley goes on the strangest audition of the year. Episode 3: Singles Group Magic - Shelley takes her best friend's advice and goes on a coffee date with a guy she met at a singles group. Episode 4: Le Headshots - Deciding it's time for a change, Shelley goes on a photo shoot to get the perfect head shot and finds out she's got an audition for a Tarantino movie. Episode 5: Occupy (John) Wall Street - Shelley stages a peaceful one woman protest to get into character and stick up for girl's little league soccer. Episode 6: Uranus, Buttman, and Yoga - Shelley goes on the biggest audition of her life only to be confronted by her ex-boyfriend. Will she take him back? Written by Olive Sancho

  • Indigenous Identity and Democracy in Mexico

    Indigenous Identity and Democracy in Mexico (2011)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Perifoneando con Rufis Taylor

    Perifoneando con Rufis Taylor (2008)
    Film (Short) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Tycho's Nova

    Tycho's Nova (2006)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Sound department Ever since she was found in an abandoned boat in the middle of the ocean, Finn has possessed a mysterious light inside her chest that literally glows when she sings. Sidney, the retired pianist who rescued Finn, was drawn to the child by the glow her singing emitted over the water. Now the two live together in Sidney's waterfront bar, the Tycho's Nova. Sidney warns Finn that her glow is the light of pure passion, and to let it shine is to endanger burning herself out.She tries to protect herself by holding back, but as songless days pass by, frustration leads her to hum her song. The familiar tune draws Sidney in, and the fisherman understands that it's time to let Finn go. As a token of love, she asks him to play the piano for her. With a sad smile, Sidney sits and plays the piano to accompany Finn's beautiful last song. Written by Gaea

  • Sherman's March

    Sherman's March (2006)
    Film (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Sherman Skyler is a young man on a mission. Sentenced to a forensic mental hospital, he quickly impresses the staff with his sharp intellect and eccentric personality. Sherman's release would be imminent, except for one lingering hang-up: he's obsessed with purging the facility's library of its many lowbrow books, which he firmly believes are poisoning the minds of fellow residents. When Sherman ends up nearly destroying one patient's psyche - as well as the library restroom - doctors invite his brother Shep for a visit to help ease Sherman's mind. In a relentless pursuit of literacy, Sherman has other plans. Written by Anonymous

  • Olyver Brody

    Olyver Brody (2006)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department Olyver Brody has been cursed. He will die the next time he falls asleep. Only a rare root keeps him awake, and only a murderous witch knows where to find it. For years, Olyver has done the witch's bidding, luring young children to her cottage and a tragic fate. But everything changes when Olyver escorts his newest victim-- a serene young girl-- into the heart of the dark forest. Written by Anonymous

  • Iris

    Iris (2006)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department Somewhere in the void of the after-world, there once came a Postmaster named Sully. In death, as in life, Sully's purpose was to deliver the mail. First from the living; now from the dead. But when Shelly, the new postal clerk, starts relaying mysterious letters from Sully's orphaned daughter Iris, the beleaguered mailman finally decides to change his own fate. Written by Anonymous

  • Blue Tea

    Blue Tea (2005)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Sound department What if there is a mythical Blue Tea which will make you hear the most beautiful music in the world for once?

  • The Line Starts Here

    The Line Starts Here (2005)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Sound department In the tradition of Star Wars geeks everywhere comes Charlie, a super-obsessed fan of the mythical comic book hero Captain Lightning. Like any good uber-fan, Charlie camps out at the local movie theater for months to be first in line for the upcoming Captain Lightning movie, but when things start to go wrong on the day of the film's opening, Charlie finds that even super-heroic dedication and planning are no match for fate. Written by Anonymous

  • Memory Collector

    Memory Collector (2005)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Producer a young girl gives away a painful memory, only to discover she wants it back as an adult.

  • Cake

    Cake (2005)
    Film (Short and Drama) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Toni and the Great Paddle Caper

    Toni and the Great Paddle Caper (2005)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Family) Art director Toni knows that she is supposed to stay away from her mom's precious knick-knacks. But when she disobeys and breaks her mother's vase, she knows she's in for the spanking of a lifetime. To avoid punishment, she hides the paddle her mother uses to spank her, but the paddle has other ideas. Will Toni beat the paddle? Or will the paddle beat Toni? Written by Anonymous

  • A Grocery Story

    A Grocery Story (2005)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Leonard is young man of extraordinary accomplishment who has always believed that the key to success lies in possessing the right information and a strong strategy--with these two components all things are possible. Time and time again, Leonard has achieved the unlikely and improbable following this philosophy. Confident in his beliefs, Leonard turns his theories to foreign territory: romance. With a fool-proof strategy for love in-hand, Leonard invades a local supermarket ready to sweep store manager, Tracy, off her feet. He quickly learns the hard way that a woman's heart cannot be anticipated any more than love can be planned. Written by Anonymous

  • Raven's Cravings

    Raven's Cravings (2004)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Sound department Veronica Cammano is leading a double life. By day she endures corporate life as the winner of the prestigious Lockhorne Internship, where she suffers insults and indignation from her condescending boss, Mark Manley. But when darkness falls, Veronica transforms into Mistress Raven, dungeon master of the city's hottest S&M club. When Manley's obnoxious attitude becomes unbearable, Veronica escapes by fantasizing about a "slow, prolonged, intensely painful revenge." Mistress Raven has a craving to meet Mark Manley and cause Veronica's two worlds to collide. Written by MW

  • Coochie

    Coochie (2004)
    Film (Drama and Short) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director "The world is changing", Sky thought as she began to research the real men and women behind the gay/lesbian images shown on Tv. "People are becoming more open and tolerant" she believed. But then she met Te. Now she has to make a choice: the girl who kissed her or the community that won't accept her new life. Written by anonymous

  • Leonard's Secret Treasure

    Leonard's Secret Treasure (2004)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • Lamia

    Lamia (2004)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Production designer Damien is an artist strangely unsettled by his surroundings. As he paints Miriam, a beautiful model who mysteriously shows up at his studio, supernatural events lead him into the recesses of his hollowed memories, towards an event best left forgotten. Written by anonymous

  • Moondance

    Moondance (2004)
    Film (Action, Horror and Short) Art department Add a Plot »

  • Como quien dice II

    Como quien dice II (2003)
    Film (Short) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Está Facil

    Está Facil (2002)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Editor Add a Plot »

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