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By Germán Salvador

GENRE: Mystery, Other, Sci-fi, Drama

This sensible and faithful little girl, seems to meet her future, not realizing what she really sees, a strange event at an abandoned tiny house within the dreamy garden where she enjoys every day. Her curiosity compels her to get inside and to meet Diana and Mrs. Bright who because their busy, humdrum and far from reality lives won't see the invitation to try one more time go to the "backyard."


SHE is a very cheerful and motivated little girl, enjoying each passing day, each time she sings, every minute she jumps and plays with her teddy elephant Ely in that enormous garden full of flowers of all colours, very large trees and a crystalline lagoon in the middle that just by looking at it, can cool the warm atmosphere.

DIANE, on the other hand, is a busy young adult girl with her work and ending studies, becoming a real "city woman" who lives alone and is self-sufficient. She worries every day to fulfill her tasks and when she finds some free time, she spends it jogging with her dog.

Almost never without leaving home, MRS. BRIGHT dedicates all her days, very early when gets up, to clean and polish, neat and tidy every corner of her large and solitary house not shared with anyone else, now she's divorced for the second time. Few other occasions, women who may be her friends, share some afternoon teas and homemade cookies.

Days, if days go by, seem to be quite alike in the garden but nowhere near boring for the little girl, who invents in the moment, new games to play, new ideas to draw and hidden places to discover. Indeed, it leads us to this unexpected corner of the garden, under the wider pine tree, in between some thick vines; not just a place she was about to know, but to discover this tiny and mysterious house very well hidden. Although very scary to her imagination, her bravery and curiousity encourages her to inquire and to know what's in there, and why she had never seen it before.

After a fright and a failed attempt, the little girl manages to enter through the door by the front of the house, illuminated from the inside with a bright glow. In the first successful chance, it seems that's a gate which allows the girl to see the life of Diane. She can't really comprehend, she just can see her, see Diane's fully busy life. Happens some time and other day the girl goes back into the room, and now she sees Mrs. Bright not leaving her home, and without a big smile, doing her daily activities.

In the end, LITTLE DIANE BRIGHT doesn't actually understand what her future is all about, she doesn't suspect that what she saw is what she will be, she just find this magic door that lets her "self future" an invitation to forget a bit of reality and return to play again in this beautiful garden, full of dreams and desires.

Young Diane, Mrs. Bright, they continue their routines and they forbid themselves enter inside their minds to recall how happy and carefree they could be just by having somewhere to run, where to have a cuppa tea with their friends and imagine, just enjoying.

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