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By Charles K. Frazier

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

An asexual with a failing kidney and rare blood type wants to help make a baby if he can find a willing surrogate for his sister, who is marrying a woman. 


Not every love story has to have a physical relationship that results in the exchange of bodily fluids, but this one ends in the exchange of body parts. An Asexual couple's best friend helps them form a union to get their family off their backs and they end up becoming a Power Couple in the battle for Gender Equity and Asexual Acceptance.

GABRIEL OVERBROOK is an aromatic-asexual with a failing kidney, a rare blood type and enough of a sperm count to make a baby if he can find a willing surrogate for his sister ABBY, a lesbian who's about to marry another woman, NICOLE FOULES, who is infertile; so that about says it for grandchildren. Gabe has a woman in his sights, JESSICA TURNER, for his motivation (to produce the sperm), but has made a very bad first impression with her and now she hates his guts. She's also aro-asexual and thinks that he has targeted her as a potential sexual partner.

He suffers a torn kidney during an attempt to save her from an assault. So, he does get a 2nd chance to make a good impression.

He has a very rare blood type, RH negative, which makes it so hard to find a match for his transplant. Jessica has that same blood type, but his doctor, DOCTOR ERICKSON, doesn't know if their kidney tissue will match.

Gabe is running out of time and his doctor says that he must risk the implant or Gabe will die, but his over protective mother, KATHRINE, comes on the scene at the wrong time and misjudges Jessica and kills all attempts at getting Jessica's kidney for her son. Now Jessica has to decide to donate her kidney to this stranger whose family she hates.

Dr. Erickson is also interested in her as a potential egg donor for Gabe's sperm and his infertile lesbian sister. So, the good doctor must convince her to give up a kidney and her eggs to this stranger, at the same time.

Adam Jestin

Going by the logline, you might want to mention the gender of the main character and the gender of the surrogate character. reworked it a bit:

Despite his failing kidney and rare blood type, an asexual man searches for a surrogate mother so he can conceive a baby for his lesbian sister who is about to get married.

Charles K. Frazier

Hello Adam, Thank you for taking the time to offer your feedback and an alternate logline. I think the gender is clear when I say "he is looking" for "a surrogate" (which is always a woman) for "his sister" (who is "marrying a woman").

Adam Jestin

Didn't know that a surrogate is always a woman. Cheers!

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