Miguelito Acosta

Miguelito Acosta
Mig Brazil Productions

Actor, director and producer in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Miguelito's Bio

My name is Miguelito Acosta. I'm Actor, Producer, Director, Writer and Graphic Web Designer from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Miguelito's Credits

Rouge Brésil - Movie (2012)
Native Warrior
International Production - Globo Filmes and Conspiração Filmes (Brazil), Pampa Films (French), CD Filmes (Canadian) and Stopline Films (Portugal)

História do Brasil - Documentary (2011)
Native Warrior
TV Brasil

Bang Bang - Novel (2006)
Puro Osso - Indian Warrior
Rede Globo Television

Turistas - Movie (2006)
Jamoru - Bodyguard
American Production - Stone Village Pictures - Hollywood - California

Turandot - Opera (2002)
Theater Municipal of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

A Padroeira - Novel (2001)
Rede Globo Televison

Miguelito's Awards

Master of Arts - Academy of Art, Culture and letters - Marataízes - Espírito Santo - Brazil (2010)

Miguelito's Résumé / CV

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Miguelito Acosta

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