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I am The ex-wife of John corral. John corral was arrested and put into jail after trying to kill me. I had to go through 2 operations to try to repair the damages. I am permanently handicap by what he has done to me physically . In our six months marriage that I filed for divorce, while he was in jail . John corral was running a personal addsin the orange county register for another New wife. ( you see I've had just ran out of A few weeks before he got arrestwe're trying to kill me. I have been giving him thousands of dollars over a span of 2 1/2 years .Then I had just told him that I cannot continue to give you money while I'm going through my fourth the foot surgery in the span of 4 or five months because when I don't work I don't bring in money and all the money that I had has gone for our living expenses for the last 2 1/2 years. And for money to go into the house with the down payment and so much more. John said he did not care that if I could not continue to give him several thousand dollars every month I must leave within a few days that he cannot afford to let me sleep in our house. He says that he's so poor that he'll have to live in the house without electricity by himself without my extra money. I had to take money from charge cards to keep continue to pay him money. But it got to the point that I could not continue to make the minimum payments on all of those. He wanted me to file bankruptcy. But I refused because I would be back at work and I couldn't start making bigger payments and get them all paid off not to mention that I was expecting additional $750,000 in the next couple of years. I told him I need to keep my credit good because I wanted to buy the store that I was a silent partner in . And he told me I could no longer stay in our home unless I could continue to keep giving him more money I told him I needed another foot surgery so I was having problems with my feet . I had bunion surgery on both feet done at the same time then I went back to work standing all day after two weeks I have a stress fracture had to go back in and have it fixed then that didn't work out well because I went back to work again too soon and I needed another surgery it was a nightmare. And I was a hairdresser and only time I was making money was when I was working. But he told me I had to leave the house that he could not afford to let me stay there a couple months while my foot was healing from surgery. Unless I could continue to give him several thousand dollars each month. I went through a lot of money giving him over the 2 1/2 years . He said he would have to live in the house without electricity because he could not afford to have the electricity going. That I thought was very strange for a man that had it in, excess of 200,000 a year. This was back in again 1997. He didn't want to divorce though not to that class action settlement so he could get his hands on that money actually he didn't want to divorce at all. He was trying to make it look like a suicide that I took my own life. You all will have to contact me to find out the details . He did want me to file bankruptcy because I giving him money I have went through a couple hundred thousand that my late husband left me and I had had that 60,000 rather than put on charge cards to keep up with everything. And he wants me to file bankruptcy on that . So when it can I am time to inherit the money he will get it all without paying the debt. I refused I said I'll pay the money on the charge cards off. I'm not filing bankruptcy. Keep in mind he's a lawyer. I did go to marriage counseling The marriage counselor I went to told me John corral was a social path antisocial social path to be exact. That's the same thing that the marriage counselor to the white before me told her same diagnosis. at the time I didn't know what that meant.)
He was doing it last three months of our six months marriage that I'm aware of.I believe I was The third wife.

. I am here to try to project other women. I am a woman with very little formal education. Plus I'm dyslexic.

I was recently widowed when I met John corral. My late husband's name was Phillppe Chiron, he was a real estate developer in orange county and the inland Empire.
When I met John corral he told me he was half Japanese and half Jewish. Turned out he was 100% Mexican born in Mexico but for some strange reason he was ashamed of that fact. He also told me had been divorced for 2 1/2 years and that he had no children. He also said that he was only married once. Turned out he had been married twice and was still married to his second wife. He had a total of three children one by the first wife and 2 buy the second wife. Second wife name was Joanne corral. She told mehe had done similar things to her .
When I met him, John Corral
he was attorney for liberty mutual workman comp cases.

It did not take him long to move in with me. He would have me give him cash for him to put in his bank account he said so we could raise money for a down payment on a house for us. A few thousand every a months for around two years.. I never check to see if he actually put the money in his bank account. He said it need to look like it was his money gradually growing in so we will get a better rate on the home loan. We were engaged and I paid for both of our wedding rings and engagement rings. he picked one wouldn't a lot of large diamonds for himself. Don't remember what it cost me. We bought it at an exclusive jewelry store in Newport Beach fashion island. He later forced me to sell the diamond engagement ring my late husband gave me. The Centerstone was over 3 1/4 carrots with other smaller stones the Centerstone was appraised for $35,000 back in 19 87 . When I sold that ring at a pawnshop I got 8000 for it. He had the money put into the yard at our new house that was in his name plus he had me put I would guess about another 35,000 into that yard. The best I can remember .

He seem to be very attracted to the money my late husband left me plus the fact that I was in a class action lawsuit with breast implants. And I have been awarded $750,000 tax-free but hadn't received it yet. I file divorce in orange county back in 1997 June within a few days after John being arrested. My full name is Ruth melody corral at the time of filing since then I've taken back my late husband's nameTo honor him. If you look into the divorce file you'll see he was asking for half of the settlement money. That hadn't settled yet. Again money was something he loved. I have a lot of stories I can tell. Through the divorce I kept my same attorney. John corrals went through six or seven attorneys if I remember right. They kept quitting on him. After all even lawyers have their limit what disgusting things they might do for money.

It was easy for him to take a vantage of me because I had a soft heart from losing a A good husband I'm stomach cancer very painful death.
I am dyslexic and my childhood was spent living on the streets of LA Sleeping in vacant lots. I had started working at the age of seven to support myself I paranoid schizophrenic mother and my younger brother . We went hungry most of the time there were many times that we went days without food. When we did get some food we would divided evenly and three portions one for each of us. My brother and my mother would eat there's right away I would eat part of mine and then I would wrap up the rest and put it in my pocket so the next day all three of us could have some food to eat.The work I did was to sell scooter pies door to door. Otherwise I wasn't allowed to speak to people. I would beg my mother to let me go to school to learn to read and write so when I grew up I could get a real job like normal grown-ups. She would only be me badly. I holding a fistful of my hair and then hitting me in the stomach would cost me to bend over and some my hair would be pulled out. Then she would straighten me out by hitting me in Jaw or face so I would be up right again. And she would repeat that to I was nothing more than some shivering piece of Jell-O on the floor semi conscious. Thought she did the same to my brother but just a few years ago he said no she never laid a hand on my brother Daniel. He just had to watch. I think that was worse.

I was 15 1/2 before I started school. I did not even know the names of the letters in the alphabet. I started school in the eighth grade . Grades kindergarten through the seventh grade I never got a chance to go to and I work my way through school. I had equivalent of two years of schooling in five years. Later I graduated at the age of 20 with two high school diplomas. I was in England at the time and I graduated from Lakenheath high school in 1973 , With two high school diplomas. One was American because I graduated on a military base in Lakenheath England and the other one was English high school diploma. At the time of graduation I had less than a second grade reading skills and writing skills. But in 12th grade math skills. Art and home it was my best subjects easy A . Reading or writing is very difficult.

The reason why I'm giving all this information is to show how easy it was for him to take advantage of somebody with those handicaps. Plus I was very trusting
Plus these things are all documented and anyone can check it out. Plus they can check out . John corral met a woman from one of these adds The day after he got out of jail and he got engaged to her right away even though at the time he was being investigated for criminal charges against me. There were eyewitnesses to the crime. They were the ones that called the police that save my life. At the time I cannot believe he was trying to kill me. But he was and I can back it up with evidence. The charges were dropped because he went to the house of the eyewitnesses that called the police. And he scared Hell out of them. So they backed out of testifying. But somewhere there's got to be phone records tapes. The results what he did to my right arm and hand made it impossible for me to do the quality of work that I've done in the past.

Back to the woman he got engaged while he was being investigated. Shortly after their engagement she had to call the police on him and got a restraining order against him. He sued her for if I recall right it was three silk plants and six books on marriage counseling or it might've been six houseplants silk ones that is and three books on marriage counseling plus engagement ring that he paid for for her with our joint assets. She called me up and asked if I would go to court with her because she's afraid of him I said sure . I am did and the judge asked who I was that was standing next to her and I said I am John's wife. So the judge awarded her the ring because if he's married to me that cannot be engagement ring cording to the judge. But he did get back his silk plants and books on marriage counseling. I guess he was really trying to make a effort here. After Our divorce I found out he didn't marry a woman in Newport Beach but a few months later she got it in no under the grounds of fraud. I hope you didn't hurt her. So I'm putting all this out here Hoping that this will start something to get the word out about him before he kills a woman if he hasn't already. The wife before me told me some amazing stories too. So please if you feel inclined post this on anything . You have my blessing. If John Carell chooses to take me to court or sue me it's fine with me. My health is failing, I have no money to speak of so there's nothing for him to collect on . I'm 63 years old now and it's getting very hard to survive. So if he kills me so be it in other words he can't hurt me. I have received threatening letters from him in the past. He wanted me to stay quiet. I was younger then and in better health and wanted to live out a little while longer. Don't get me wrong I would like to live to 95 if possible.

All this writing I've just done was from my iPhone that I spoke into. Not gone back once and try to straighten it out. But the combination of being dyslexic and the fact that when you speak into the phone sometimes they don't put down the right words . I will go back from time to time and try to straighten more of it out.

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