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Producer, Screenwriter, Author, Attorney (Non-Entertainment), Theatrical Producer and Transmedia Producer

Los Angeles, California

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  • Bandit Day (Original TV One Hour Drama Serial Series)

    Bandit Day (Original TV One Hour Drama Serial Series) Action Two naval elite combat fighter pilots, one female, and one male with personal history compete for the same squadron command onboard the U.S.S. Harry Truman Aircraft Carrier when disaster strikes during a flight mission killing two senior level pilots and pitting antagonist drone commander's agenda to replace manned fighters and bombers when World War III is formally declared by the U.S. and its NATO allies.

  • Chevy Chase Heist

    Chevy Chase Heist Action In Washington DC suburb, aging global top spies and precious artifacts thieves resist being put out to pasture by world spy agencies after they reach age 50 plus at the mysterious Chevy Chase Hamlet when Russian President Vladimir Petrovsky's kidnapping and ransom of Hamlet's top spy-heister DR Berenson gives rise to a 18 50 plus year old elders with mega-skills carrying out ransom demands of theft of Smithionian's Hope Diamond and National Gallery of Art's Whistler's White Lady when the elders turn the tables with the help of the White Knight Chinese Premier and actualize their life skills of global espionage and the world's most successful heists.



    Television by Tuff Cat LLC (Action, Adventure, Drama and War) Creator/Executive Producer Decorated US Naval Female Aviator of Rear Admiral to Joint Chiefs' overachiever Naval Academy Valedictorian finds love in the cockpit simultaneously to becoming the first commissioned female FA-18 Super Hornet fighter pilot Commander of elite Valions Squadron, who battles ISIS/ISIL flying manned fighter combat missions in the Mediterranean and Red Seas off Syria and Lebanon where the balance of life and death begins and ends in seconds.

  • Not So Super Hero

    Not So Super Hero (2016 - 2019)
    Film by INTEL COMICS-Tuff Cat LLC Creator/Executive Producer Super Hero Crazy eight year genius precocious but crippled Laura Rose discovers that her next door neighbor in public housing is a mild mannered librarian by day but saves lives and makes a difference every night in Tantallon just outside D.C. despite his chronic bad back and failing eyesight with the help of his best buds in crime-fighting Backslider (chiropractor), Spin-Maker (TV weatherwoman), Sitting Elk Tanka (curator of Smithsonian Native American Museum), Mama-Star (feeder of all who are hungry in DC), Electro-static (Pentagon facilities manager), Smooth Operator (cyber security and communicator in many languages), Fixer-Up (mechanic with a bionic genius IQ) and Madeus (American entrepreneur who encourages locals to grow, make and keep it here). Captain Stalwart's arch enemies Sky-Eye (Drone Commander), Frackster (Oil tycoon), Pharma-ciliac (Pharmaceutical Rep), Black X Op (Rogue Secret Mission Commander) and MPD (criminal Chief of Police) give it their all to spread corruption, biz friendly creating mass poverty, environmental piracy, slavery, destruction of order and mayhem in the skies, waterways and streets of the Nation's Capitol on any given day-night 24-7. B. Story is Laura Rose matchmaking her mother with Stalwart and trying to fix up the other Super Heroes with love interests and therapists whenever they doubt their relevancy and powers

  • Serenity Springs

    Serenity Springs (2017 - 2018)
    Film by Tuff Cat LLC Creator/Executive Producer With the earth's global warming and mass pollutions irreversible, an international crew of astronauts are sent on a government funded space mission to explore colonizing, terra-farming and mining of moons in Jupiter space when they unexpectedly encounter marooned Chinese-American female astronaut from prior Jupiter mission whose influence on the recovery crew and on major populations on earth once she returns initiate a global peaceful upward evolution to higher reason and peaceful coexistence

  • DC Emergent

    DC Emergent (2016 - 2018)
    Film by Tuff Cat LLC Co-Creator/Executive Producer Super Hero Brand Launching Film. In 2020 when Washington DC's top Super Heroes leave the Nation's Capitol undefended to fight World War IV against Russia and China in Eurasia that will decide Earth's fate as free or living under authoritarian rule, an unlikely emergent mutant series of second tier Super Heroes answers the call to defensive action stopping a Russian invasion force including nukes, their bravery against larger numbers changes the balance of power forever and uplifts them to top tier ratings.

  • Not So Super Heroes

    Not So Super Heroes (2016 - 2018)
    Television by Tuff Cat LLC-INTEL COMICS Creator/Executive Producer Eight diverse second tier genetically enhanced DC mutants fight for justice for all in a clandestine brain tank beneath the Capitol Rotunda.

  • Behind the Robes

    Behind the Robes (2016 - 2018)
    Film by Tuff Cat LLC Creator/Executive Producer Gifted young equestrian Olympian hopeful and her jurist mother re-experience the child's past child abuse and present unwitting involvement in her step-mother's homicide, while sitting judge biological mother simultaneously faces a star chamber court that intends to include her presence within the normal judiciary at the same time her career criminal ex-husband is wrongfully convicted for a murder he did not commit

  • Court of Last Resort (COLR)

    Court of Last Resort (COLR) (2016 - 2018)
    Television by Tuff Cat LLC Creator/Executive Producer

  • New Zealand Jacobites

    New Zealand Jacobites (2016 - 2017)
    Film by Tuff Cat LLC Creator/Executive Producer Orphaned Angus Shylee (20ish) learns of his biological ties to former Jacobite Rebellion 1745 Scotland Highlander Clans McKenzy and Frasier in his five year travels from Auckland New Zealand, to Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Vancouver, Toronto, and Paris where he meets distant relatives, kind strangers and is confronted by modern-day English adversaries including the Royal Family of the United Kingdom who will stop at nothing try to stop his chronicling "The Pretender" Hanoverian Line to the British Throne.

  • Leopardina

    Leopardina (2016 - 2017)
    Film (short) by South Korean Film Group/Tuff Cat LLC Creator/Executive Producer After over 10,000 feral cats are simultaneously killed and their corpses are left in the most disgusting manners throughout peaceful Honolulu County, the citizens of Diamondhead and Hawaii Kai form animal humane alliances that culminate in major criminalization of domestic and agricultural animal cruelty in Aloha when the new Animal Welfare and Protections' law is signed by Governor Ige in January 2017

  • Chevy Chase Heist

    Chevy Chase Heist (2016 - 2017)
    Film by Tuff Cat LLC Creator, Executive Producer Armed with 40 years of love, spy-espionage, super heists and licenses to kill for CAPER, super spy-thieves husband-wife GINNY BERENSON (GIN) and ROBERT BERENSON (DR) attempt to steal Russian President PUTIN's one-of-kind Tsar's diamond-ruby collections during Embassy's signing of East-West Treaty when Gin and DR's motives collide with CAPER double-agent "Z" and a mysterious CAPER's mole's ulterior motives. All lives are at risk as GIN and DR unwittingly interrupt a clandestine Nuclear arms deal between US ultra-secret spy agency CAPER, PUTIN, Saudi Royal double-agent MOHAMMED SALEYAH and Chinese counterpart LI KA-SHING HUATENG (LI)\ where the swapping of triple digit Chinese YUAN currency for WMDs. PUTIN overplays his hand, killing LI, incentivizing the Chinese to tip balance of power when they are convinced that Russia must be put in its place. Our super couple find themselves at the center of the most high stakes rigged game of winner take all when DR is kidnapped, and GIN realizes that things are not remotely what they seem when one month later she receives DR's ransom demand from former Agency assets and PUTIN who intends to take 100% of the ransom as revenge for Gin's putting him to sleep for all the world to see. In order to secure DR's release and return to her former life of global heists with espionage in the picture, she must quickly assemble 14 of the world's most venerable but now aging super-spy thieves and steal one-of-a-kind HOPE DIAMOND and WHISTLER'S WHITE GIRL. Things look dismal for Gin's success until the most unlikely of allies comes to her aid and convinces the Chinese Government to enter as the White Knights to save the day for all concerned.

  • Bandit Day

    Bandit Day (2016 - 2017)
    Television by Tuff Cat LLC Creator/Executive Producer When World War III breaks out between the West and the Middle Eastern fundamentalist Islamic radical ISIS-ISIL jihadists, first female Combat Squad Lt. Commander Navy Fighter Pilot "Shrike" with four kills on her record must compete with her former flight instructor "Hawk" in the cockpit complicated by their on and off again love affair, when the Captain of the U.S.S. Harry Truman (Big Buck) tries to relieve her command to Hawk as a man's time to lead, when tragedy strikes Big Buck over Turkey when ISIS-ISIL SAMs down her wingman and best friend Marine Pilot Angel Eyes crashes on landing into Big Buck's Vulture Tower. Shrike and three marine pilots are shot down and must fight hand to hand with enemy combatant insurgents near the Syrian Border with rogue Turkish Training Camps all gunning for them.

  • Longshot... The Biopic of Senator Bernie Sanders Campaign 2016 for POTUS

    Longshot... The Biopic of Senator Bernie Sanders Campaign 2016 for POTUS (2016)
    Film (Documentary) Writer In his historic outsiders' populist run for POTUS in 2016, this biopic shares campaign strategising, phone-banking, 100% consumer-funded campaign funding, behind the scenes interviews and great iconic moments including the BIRD that has gone viral worldwide for eclectic outsider comer Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. Many on the road, rally, caucus and other press conference interviews of the Sanders Campaign as shooting began in Ames, Iowa and continues until the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia where the sequel documentary companion film "Third Party Candidate" sets new bars for political campaigning in the United States that will include all primaries, convention coverage right up and through Election day November 2016. Written by Shell Walker-Cook


  • Double Take: Best American Drama Screenplay, Berlin International Film Festival

  • Double Take: Top Twenty, Best Drama Screenplays, Toronto International Film Festival

  • Double Take: Van Gogh Award, Amsterdam International Film Festival Best Drama

  • Bar None: Second Place Best Drama Screenplay, Shore Scripts

  • Small Concert Promoter of the Year, Washington Area Music Awards


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