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By David B. McEwan

GENRE: Drama

Five strangers, who share more than they will ever know, struggle with deep secrets and painful choices in their search for emotional release or sweet revenge. 


An up-close look at the emotional scars that run deep in all of us.

Clyde, a Vietnam vet, finds himself in the final phase of a troubled life filled with disconnection and bad decisions. His days are spent alone in his stark apartment with a gun and a single bullet. Through a series of events and serendipitous good fortune, he is given one last chance.

Kaylee, a 13-year-old musical prodigy has started classes at a new school and attracted the wrong kind of attention from a group of older, nasty girls. As she struggles with bullying and her parents' crumbling marriage, Kaylee finds escape and peace in her cello and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Jeremiah, a man whose seemingly perfect life and plans for a family are shattered by his wife’s infidelity and lies, buys a gun and carefully schemes to meet her lover and teach everyone a lesson.

Claire, the brilliant businesswoman and Wall Street Executive of the Year, with deep emotional scars of abuse, struggles to confront her demons through therapy and escape the sexually destructive path that has taken over her life.

And Amy, the 15-year-old bully who sees the world through anger and violence as she copes with a hellish home life and little hope of escape.

A raw and personal look at trauma and betrayal and the healing powers of hope, connection and beauty. No one can completely escape the hand they’re dealt, but everyone does have a choice – to either change the story or surrender to your demons.

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