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By David B. McEwan

GENRE: Drama

Having settled in Queens N.Y. with his family and struggling to find a job, an Iraqi immigrant's life is forever changed through a chance encounter with a stranger. 



Ibrahim Masri, a recent Dean’s List graduate of Queen’s College lives with his family while he searches for work. After months of futility and frustration, he is about to give up when he meets a man in distress on the streets of Manhattan and comes to his aid. The man, alone and on crutches, has dropped his briefcase and its contents all over the street. Ibrahim rushes to his aid and the next 20 minutes change both their lives in unexpected ways.

The Masri family, one of the lucky ones to escape a war without end, has settled in Queen’s, New York. Grandfather Masri, once a brilliant Professor at Baghdad University was also a prisoner of Saddam’s for 8 years. His ordeal tested his courage and faith and taught him to cherish the smallest things in life. His intellectual and emotional strength provides hope and humor to a family as they struggle to belong in what he calls “the greatest country in the world”.

Ibrahim’s journey is that of a young man who wants to make his mother proud and get on with life. It’s also the compelling story of the Masri family and other families just like them. Strangers in a new land, this is a story of courage, love, blind faith and serendipitous good fortune that can swoop down and change everything.

Jim Boston

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Crina-Ludmila Cristea

I like a lot the idea of a young man helping another one (possibly an older man?), especially when the young one struggles with life as well.

It seems like the story weaves in family matters, history, and kindness. It sounds like a challenging, yet heartwarming story.

The synopsis provided here is more like a blurb, rather than an actual synopsis. From what I know, a synopsis is meant to give away the ending.

I am interested to know more about how the life of the young man and of the one in crutches is changed thanks to their encounter.

Barry A.A. Dillinger

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Nathaniel Baker

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