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By Jennifer Chapman

GENRE: Drama

Self-absorbed, pregnant 16 year-old television star Ariel Wilde who portrays innocence, plans a secret abortion but her boyfriend finds out and confronts her at the clinic.


16 year-old teen actress, Ariel Wilde, finds out that she’s pregnant. She doesn't tell anyone about her plans for an abortion. Letting her family/fans know that she is not as innocent as they believe she is, is out of the question. She refuses to let the unplanned pregnancy scar her future career as (her quote) "a great actress, who is the perfect example of morality."

Ariel enlists the help of her best friend to go to an abortion clinic. After hearing the baby's heartbeat during an ultrasound she starts to second guess her decision, playing what ifs through her mind, such as “What if this baby is alive?” “What if it can feel pain?” “What if I am not doing the right thing?” Having to consider another human life changes Ariel as a person and she decides to not have the abortion. Sarah calls Ariel's boyfriend Jack and tells him what's going on. He rushes to the clinic to confront her. He discovers that Ariel didn't go through with the abortion but he is so hurt and angry that he walks out. Sarah catches up to him as he is leaving the clinic and tells him about Ariel's past when she was very young.

Ariel goes to the television studio to tell her fans that she is going to be a teen mom and that she can no longer do the show. The fans end up loving her still anyway, and the director asks her to not quit. Then Ariel and Jack walk outside to leave when a reporter from a local entertainment channel nearly ambushes them and starts questioning first Ariel, then Jack about the abortion. Sarah helps fend the reporter off and Jack and Ariel leave in a private car.


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