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By Dilip Mistry

GENRE: Action, Fantasy
LOGLINE: An agnostic Priest/NYC cab driver, a god who won't fight and five confused demi-gods are the only ones who stand between Humankind’s survival and extinction


A boy has dreams of being in the famous battle of Mahabharata. He sees a dark cloud attacking the soldiers changing them into shadows. One warrior in white armour holds the darkness back and shouts “The Darkness will come again, you will need to find me, the five and scroll to restore the balance young Pandit” Pandit works as taxi cab driver in NYC, whilst waiting for a fare, he gets a loud voice in his head, telling him “Find the thief, find the five”. Pandit clutches his head then sees a beggar steal a box from a van and run and hide in the nearby park. Pandit is drawn to the beggar and follows him and gently touches the beggar’s forehead, a bright light appears and he transforms into Krishna. Krishna tells Pandit “the darkness has found someone to create an army and even those enemies of the five will return to fight yet the scroll is key, created by the gods to keep a balance between the dark and light, but first must find the five. The race begins to find the five and the scroll across the globe. The five demi god brothers have reincarnated as an African American from New York, a Professor from London, a Hong Kong stuntman, a sports protégé from India and a shepherd from Africa. However the five had a sixth brother discarded at birth, and became they most hated foe by joining they enemies. The sixth returns with no memories but with his godly powers intact. The forces of Darkness locate the brothers and mini battles take place all over the world, one brother is captured. The scroll is retrieved by the heroes after defeating the Dark Lord and minions, who escape due to the sixth brother. The Dark lord offers the heroes they brother in exchange for the scroll, the heroes agree knowing it’s a trap. During the exchange the heroes try to trick the Dark Lord, which fails and erupts in a great battle in New York City. The Heroes are winning against the army of darkness and robots, unfortunately the Dark Lord finds the scroll and is able to revive and boost his Shadow Ninjas and Robot Warriors. With the heroes falling one by one, only Deepak is left with Krishna by his side to hold the darkness at bay. The 6th brother is pulled to the plight of his brothers but also pulled towards his old friends in Dark Army, he is confused and suddenly Lord Krishna comes to him and clears his doubts. The 6th brother realises his chance of redemption has come at last, he knows what he has to do. Deepak finds new vigour with his elder brother joining him in this battle. Every Great War has had sacrifices even this war will witness perhaps the most gallant sacrifice of all.


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Elaine J Jackson

Great story and I love the logline!

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