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By Jess Parker

GENRE: Action, Comedy

A group of nerdy outcasts in college must become like the fictional heroes they so admire once the zombie apocalypse hits their campus


David Anderson, a nerdy college student, spends most of his days watching movies, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and pining after the love of his life, Lindsey Dawson. The only problem: Lindsey has a boyfriend. She doesn't just have a boyfriend, she's dating the star quarterback and captain of the football team, Chad Haynes. When David gets invited to a frat party he knows Lindsey will be attending, he convinces his friends to come with him so he can win Lindsey's heart once and for all. Things do not go as planned. Chad, learning that David is Lindsey's secret admirer, has his teammates help him teach David a lesson by beating up David and his friends.

Meanwhile, Preston, one of David's roommates, is mourning the loss of his beloved pet rat, Wilbur. Preston decides to bring life back into his dead friend. He succeeds, only Wilbur is not as he once was. He is now a zombie rat. Wilbur bites Preston and goes on a rampage, biting students all over campus and spreading the vicious disease. When the nerds return to their dorm, they find themselves forced to deal with zombified Preston. The jocks have a similar dilemma during one of their football games as many of the players, cheerleaders, and fans begin turning into flesh eating zombies and mauling each other.

Both the nerds and jocks, barely surviving their encounters, are forced to settle their differences and work together to survive. The unlikely pairings of jocks and nerds begin to develop relationships, growing to become friends and some even lovers as they survive the growing epidemic. When plans go awry and Chad's best friend as well as some of the other jocks die, Chad turns on David and the rest of the nerds, forcing the group, including Lindsey, to pick sides. His ultimatum backfires however and Lindsey as well as everyone else decide to stick together and not follow him anymore. Chad storms off and the rest of the group is left to face an oncoming zombie horde on their own.

The group bands together to fight off the zombies and escape the campus. They flee to the parking garage only to be cut off by more zombies. Surrounded and without hope of victory, they all prepare for the end when suddenly a truck, driven by Chad, rips around the corner and gives them a means of escape. They escape, no longer separated by popularity or social status, just a group of friends who together survived being devoured by flesh eating zombies. Lindsey walks up to David and the two share a passionate kiss as the school is nuked by the military and explodes in the background.

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