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By Benjamin Watts

GENRE: Comedy, Crime

Two down on their luck good old boys conspire to collect a life
insurance policy by faking one of their deaths. After hiring a
professional killer, things go from bad to worse as they try to stay
alive and pull off the scam of a lifetime.


Lifelong friends Thomas and Fred have never had the best opportunities in life. From owing

money to a local mobster for a cockfight, to losing his job, Thomas needs money quick and

schemes to collect on his life insurance policy with his best friend as beneficiary.

After reluctantly deciding to help, Fred and Thomas’ wife, Cindy, set out and hire a hitman, Jeffery.

The plan is to burn Thomas’s home with a toothless body from the local cemetery in his place

while Thomas makes for Idaho to lay low. Being a professional, Jeffery discovers the body before

he burns the place and pieces together their plan. After run ins with the local mobster and

knowing Jeffrey is onto them, the two good old boys and Cindy need to find a way out that doesn’t

include one of them in a body bag. Will Thomas make it to Idaho to lay low and can Fred stay alive

long enough to collect the insurance? After all, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

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