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By April Mae Berza

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

The pope’s death, the union of China and Korea as a single country, and the economic breakdown triggered the third world war. Or is it a secret society that wanted to create a one-world government to end Christianity forever?


When the Vatican claimed that they received a retraction from a journalist who wrote about the demented pope, they could not show it to the public. The mysterious death of the pope surprised the world following the disappearance of the writer. That year, there was no Christmas celebration, to commiserate with the Catholic church. Even other religious leaders offered a prayer for the eternal repose of the soul of His Holiness.

The war in the Middle East continued to worsen leading to fluctuations in the oil prices and the price of commodities skyrocketed as a result. There was an economic breakdown even if there was also a digital chutzpah going around.

China and Korea united as a single country, forming People’s Republic of East Asia. They wanted to rival NATO, particularly America. Both countries wanted to be a superpower. There was no turning back.

There were rumors that the People's Republic of East Asia was supplying nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Nobody could attest to it but they were thought to be the main culprit. This infuriated the American president.

Henry, the premier of the People’s Republic of East Asia, visited as a commoner to America and met the brother of the journalist, Isaac. Isaac is one of the youngest students taking up BS Physics in the Harvard University. Isaac believed that chaos theory should be laws of chaos and he predicted war. In addition, he was resolved that the Vatican was behind the disappearance of his brother, Napoleon.

When Isaac received a late phone call about his brother, he set on an adventure to save his brother. Discovering that a secret society was launching a one-world government to launch a war, Isaac asked the help of Henry.

In 72 hours, there will be a third world war.

"If power is a religion," Henry once said, "then, I'm proud to be an atheist." This inspired the young genius to save the world from New World Order.

What if instead of a New World Order, this secret society strengthened the Roman Catholic Church, much to the dismay of the one-world government? Will faith reign over the greedy and evil?

Nathaniel Baker

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