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By Olaojoyegbe Bolarinwa

GENRE: Crime, Drama

A disgruntled young man who was not please with the way his grandmother has being treating him was charged for the death of her grandmother.


Jacob and his sister Laura were bound to live with their grandmother Mrs. Hopkins after the death of their both parents who died after a fatal car accident. Mrs Hopkins didn't like the idea that they have to stay with her, but as the case is they have to stay with her, having no other member of the family to stay with. So, they have to put up with Mrs. Hopkins' character for the rest of their lives, something they have no slight idea of.

From the start Mrs. Hopkins has seen them as pests and has become harsh to them. Sometimes, the neighbors have to come and ask question about what they've seen happening to them. But, whenever they do, Mrs. Hopkins answers has been the one that wouldn't make them try next time.

Jacob, couldn't stand her. She hated that she opposed marrying the woman of her dream, and more, when she disrespected her before him. This made him to pack out of the house living his little sister alone to continue bearing her wroth. She had to stay; she hasn't finished her study as her brother, Jacob who was having a well paying job in his hands.

Time to time when Jacob hear about how her little sister, Laura is being treated he feels so bad , but always encourage her to stay on since he doesn't want a case where there could be a disagreement between her wife to be and her little sister. But, he wanted badly that all is well with her.

When Jacob tendered his resignation letter at work he found it hard to believe that Mrs. Hopkins wouldn't allow him to take over his father position in the family's company. She said if he couldn't make the right decision about his life how can he be entrusted in the position of making the ones that will affect many lives, even generations to come. This she said concerning leaving the company in good hands.

Many at times it crosses Jacob mind to kill her, and her sister and himself should continue bearing the family's name. But any time he brings it up Laura would be the one to pacify his annoyance against her, until a day came when Laura herself couldn't take it anymore. It seemed she has had it up to her neck and she can't just bear it anymore. She also came up with a plan on how to Kill Mrs. Hopkins, but Jacob turn it down.

On and on the children become angry towards the actions of their grandmother and were tempted to take her life until a day came when Mrs. Hopkins was found on her bed in cold blood with a bullet hole in her forehead. Everybody was shocked. Who killed her? Who killed Mrs. Hopkins was the question in everyone's mouth.

Jacob and Laura were interrogated on her death, but they have alibi . So, the police men in charge of her case also couldn't but ask the question: who killed Mrs. Hopkins?


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