Alicia Norman's Reel

No Wang -- Sar Chasm Funnies -- 2018FINAL MIX

People believe in a fallacious concept of being "made to do something" against their will, but the reality is we are all in control of what we do. Although the clip pokes fun at the idea that a man can be pushed to act out because a girl is kinda sexy, it's a satirical examination of the overall idea that any of us, male, female, black, white, tall or short, outside of duress or threat of life, can be forced to do things against our own conscience.

Alicia Norman_Heart of Death_Grant Video 2017

This is my grant submission video for my animated film "Heart of Death"...please contact me at if you have any questions or comments. Thank you.

The Dark Fae—“Oh My Love” 2017

The final mix "Persi" compilation which has my interpretation of the Hear of Death character Persephone. You can learn more about upcoming animation at my art hub

Maneki Neko — Miss Kittin Music Video Contest sub — 2015

I did this one a while back--tis an oldie but a goodie, personal fave. Genero sponsored the contest . Performer Miss Kittin/Writer(s): Pascal Richard Marcel Ghislain Gabriel, Caroline Herve

Luv And Magick Virtual Reality Mix

Luv & Magick formally Portalz Virtual Reality vid -- this has some of the main characters which includes Isabella, Sasha, Aimee, Aaron and Trixi respectively...enjoy. You can learn more about Luv & Magick here:

Luv and magick Asteria U

een sick off and on but getting better. Just got enough wind to work on a new animated opens for my webshow. It got picked up by a Pay Per View that plans debut in the Winter and this will be the opener for the show. Changed the name of Portalz to Luv & Magick Asteria U to give folks a heads up that this fantasy show is a drama not a Dungeon and Dragons style fantasy. For now the URL is still

The Journey of Soul 2017

One of my favorite Greek romantic epics was the Cupid and Psyche story. In my upcoming script, I environ Psyche as a bit of a Princess rebel and fighter. This make sense seeing as she defeats a monster to win the hand of Eros. It's a VR video so feel free to download in your favorite player. If you don't have one, here's the same video on VEER.TV here ...

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