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By William Young

GENRE: Independent, Thriller, Drama

A psychopath is haunted by his conscious after he kills his close friends. 


In a failed robbery attempt against some neighborhood drug dealers, Sinister is shot and arrested while his brother is fatally wounded and his brother’s best friend Joseph escapes unharmed.

Sentenced to prison for a multitude of years, a cancer of hate and revenge spreads inside of Sinister, as he believes that Joseph left him to die. When Sinister is released from prison he tries to persuade his best friend Jason to help him kill Joseph but he declines the offer. Sinister takes this as a form of betrayal and sets up Joseph and Jason and kills the both of them. Swoop, a young and notorious gang-banger and admirer of Sinister, tells him about a nice score that they can hit to obtain some money. They successfully commit the score but Swoop mistakenly reveals to Sinister that he plans to revenge the death of Jason when he discovers who’s the actual killer! When Swoop turns his back on Sinister, it proves to be fatal as Sinister shoots and kills him. Heavy drug usage and sleep deprivation is making Sinister delusional and paranoid and when Jason, Joseph, and Swoop appear at his door, he doesn’t know what to believe. When they demand an explanation, Sinister plots to kill his friends once again. But how can you kill what’s already dead? Or are they? And if they are dead, how can they be at his front door? Dead or alive, Sinister will make sure this time he kills his friends. Or will he?

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