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By William Young

GENRE: Thriller

An ex-high school football star is sent to prison for the first time and inadvertently introduces his mother to a serial killer. 


Ex-high school football star Bryant tries to help his mother and their falling crops by turning to crime. He ends up being caught for a burglary and is sent to prison after his best friend Tim rats him out. It doesn’t take long for Bryant’s exceptional athletic skills to be recognized and is befriended by Angel, a harden convict who runs the football team for the whites. Angel invites Bryant to be their starting quarterback when they play against the black inmates in the prison annual football game. When Angel meets Bryant mother Sarah in the visiting room, a romance begins. With falling crops and a farm to run, Angel offers his help when he paroles and Sarah gladly accepts the invitation. Things seem to be going smoothly until Tim is transferred to the same prison as Bryant. When Bryant refuses to take action against Tim for ratting him out, Angel takes the hit and fatally stabs Tim. Refusing to admit that something evil is lurking behind Angel actions, Bryant keeps the horrendous act a secret. Angel paroles and does a remarkable job on the farm deceiving Sarah and the locals as he brutally rapes and kills young women. Bryant suspicious begins to arise when a detective visits and tells him that Angel is a serial killer and is responsible for the latest murders in his hometown. When the detective comes up dead and Bryant gets transferred to a minimum-security prison and with no word from his mother in months, he must make the daring escape to save his mother and family before it’s too late?

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