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By Xinghua Sun

GENRE: Fantasy, Thriller

a young winged man tries to eliminate his non-flyable wings, but his pureblood drags him into a plot between human and winged.


It is a Young Adult adventure/thriller movie like “Hunger Games” with a little bit sci-fi/fantasy.

A boy's stepmother is dead by protecting him, and his stepfather tries to burn him alive when he is 11 years old. “If you have a next life, be born as a human.” After growing up, it becomes his lifetime quest – to eliminate his wings, get rid of his identity. He doesn’t know that human installed magic stones to eliminating their flying ability, and his pureblood is the only thing could destroy them. The human tries to corrode him with money, power, and the girl he loves; his people try to kill him as a blood sacrifice.

A human girl likes him, helps him all the way, and saves him many times. She is the daughter of the most powerful man who tries to keep the magic stones. The man uses the young man to capture his political opponent who tries to destroy the stones. The young man makes a deal to sentence the opponent to the death penalty. The man makes him a councilor.

The Youngman vanishes his wings with a magic stone, comes out his new mansion. When he sees a little beggar with a pair of incomplete wings, he gives all his money and pulls out the magic stone. But the boy pushes him away says that he loves his wings. The young man crashes and cries because deep in his heart, he knew what he did are wrong. The human girl sees him falling into the dark, also leaves him.

In the end, he stands in front of the magic stones, and the man offers him more money, more power, and marry his daughter. "You can give your people the freedom no one has ever seen." The young man sacrifices his life to give his people the freedom to fly.

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