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By Xinghua Sun

GENRE: Action, Fantasy

A princess only cares about her beauty is chosen by gods to end 13 years of drought. But the seven kings, include her father, have different plans.


"Gods Wrath" is a female-driven and high-concept action drama like "Lord of the rings" and "Game of Throne."

A princess only cares about her beauty but is chosen by gods to end 13 years of drought. The price to save her people is anyone who loves, opposes, or follows her will die.

Her grandfather’s city is attacked – it is the first big battle – he is defeated by his own solar weapon and becomes a dark spirit. Her mother, who was bitten by an icy python and frozen in bed for years, is frozen into ice.

After her destiny is exposed at the imperial altar – the 2nd big battle, the imperial prince and the kings either want to marry her or kill her. To save her 12 years old brother, she has to run away. Her ship is carried by sky-sea rising above clouds and floating. She goes to Gods temple finding out what is her fate all about. She finds 13 skeletons in the temple they are supposed to present 10 suns and 2 moons and mother earth, she realizes that there is no destiny.

Deep in her heart, she knows it is her father killed grandfather and causes mother dead. But instead facing her father, she chooses to blame herself and her destiny. Now, she has no choice but to go back to earth and facing her father and the 3rd big battle happens.

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