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About Michael

These 12 NOVELS I have written and listed below could set up a Production company with a lot of feature films and only one individual to bargain. Several of these unique stories have scripts attached.

Will I be alive long enough to watch all these stories be produced? No! I am sixty-six now, but these stories could bring in billions of dollars to a production company? Why, though, do you think your stories are better than most, simply, because they question authority, good and bad, of our World. They empathize with the downtrodden, but, also, hold them accountable.

1 Burnt Feathers – What circumstances would allow rogue pilots to steal eight Stealth bombers from the military and who would benefit from their targeting of terrorist and criminal activity? The ending, though, is sure to shock even the most ardent readers of detective tale.

2 The Spirit of Humanity – The Lord has had enough, as a Spirit arrives to take on the dysfunction in our world and political system. No one is safe from condemnation, as this Spirit utilizes 48 babies to bring its point front and center. However, the spiritual concern doesn’t only take place on American soil, but, also, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where the Russian Navy will meet the American Navy.

3 A Bright Nevada Night –What compels a President seeking reelection to endorse a plan to eradicate the World’s nuclear waste at the Nevada Test Site with one last atomic blast? And what does a senatorial candidate, a gangland mobster and a house full of whores have to do with it?

4 Rum Fizzes, Mid-Wives and a 30/30 Shot – What kind of late-night poker games do they play in Fleming? One game is set up to impregnate women, while the other game is set up to punish those males that participated in the first horrendous game, requiring procreation abuse.

5 Two Deaths in Dallas – What lead up to, who was involved and what occurred after the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22nd 1963.

6 Scarriedy Cat – A large creature, that has the power to hide in the body of a thirteen-year-old boy, re-emerges only when it wants to kill the boy's stepfather and most of the staff at the local medical center. It is up to the boy's Uncle to figure out how to separate the monster from the boy.

7 Welcome to Regis – Four new children in town take the Elementary school by storm. And no punishment will force them to reveal the truth behind their scams to help their dying mother.

8 Fran and Bessie – An adolescent version of THELMA and LOUISE, where Fran steals her baby sister, Bessie, from home and takes her on the road to keep her away from their lecherous step-father.

9 Pioneers of the Sirius Suns – Firefighters on another world having to respond to residential fires never understood the blazes were intentionally set by a fire-breathing creature to draw them there.

10 The Town of Morals – The sheriff of Morals discovers that some of the townspeople have done battle with Vampires, but suspects that the biggest battle is still to come.

11 Fire-fall Woods – An isolated house is the only refuge and home for an orphaned creature harboring distrust for the humans residing in the nearby town or its own kind living in the surrounding woods.

12 Paper and Ink is a compilation of short stories that could be made into short-feature films.

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