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By Barry A.A. Dillinger

GENRE: Sci-fi, Horror

When little parlors pop up at every corner with the promise of offering their clientele the ability to experience the recorded nightmares of others, a reserved young woman can no longer contain her curiosity and decides to try it out for herself. 


"Video Nightmares" is the name of an inexplicable business chain of small, sterile-looking shops that allow visitors to be hooked up to a machine that puts them into REM sleep to experience a pre-recorded night terror...for a nominal fee, of course. The places are popular and anyone who's anyone has already tried it. Celebrities are clamoring to these "dream parlors" to be able to chronicle their experiences on Twitter and Facebook. There are contests to see who is the leader of this bunch with the most "adventures in electronic visions." Some entrepreneurial geniuses have even begun pairing their kitschy pot shops with Video Nightmares parlors and are raking in the big bucks.

But what of the sporadic reports and whispered rumors here and there about people who visited these parlors and were never seen again. Gabriella is a reporter for an online news-zine interested in making a big splash in the world of journalism. She intends on finding out if there is any credence to this rash of rumors or are they just urban legends.

This short film (screenplay not yet completed) is based on a short story I conceived in 1976 and actually wrote while stationed in Europe in 1983. The story originally had a male lead, but I've recently decided to update it and changed the lead to female and brought in more recent electronic-age elements that make sense. Originally, this was about VHS tapes (LOL) and did not incorporate the use of the plot device where "kitschy pot shops" are included.

Will be completed soon. Oh, and, much thanks to Chantel Lee for her logline suggestion! You're my new BFF on Stage 32!

Owen Mowatt

I'm sure there's a good logline in there somewhere, Barry, as the concept sounds interesting.

Think we need to know why she's finally decided to try it out.

Pamela Bolinder

When Gabriella goes to a dream parlor and experiences someone's recorded nightmare ...

Caroline Rovello

A birthday gift given to her girlfriends for her sweet 16th, Gabriella enters a new parlor that recently opened up in town, not knowing that she would be experiencing other people's recorded nightmares: now, she's no longer on the honor roll.

Brian Shell

There are too many adverbs and past tense. First step, beef it up with present-tense power verbs. If Gabriella is your protag, provide a meaty adjective that sums up her "shard of glass"

Barry A.A. Dillinger

Thank you for all the feedback! Much appreciated!

Chaun Lee

Rated this logline

Chaun Lee

Love it!!! :D

Shawn M Decker

Rated this logline

Barry A.A. Dillinger

Thank you for the rating, Shawn! All the credit goes to the lovely and talented Chantel Lee! I just might be hiring her as my new agent. lol

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