Leah Anova's Reel

Good-Night Kiss

Director: Leah Anova Producer: Cynthia Graner Director of Photography: Leah Anova Format: 35mm

Shadows and Light

Plot Summary: Nick is a still photographer, feeling trapped in a life that includes a new baby and a wife he believes is too demanding and not understanding enough. His favorite form of relaxation has become flirting with women in online chat rooms - an activity he conceals from Marie. One night, after an argument with her, he manages to justify leaving the house after Marie has gone to bed to meet a particularly exotic Asian beauty named Jasmine. He wines and dines and dances with her and...

Larry Edgerton

Director/Producer/Writer: Knox Hughes Producer: Laura Peterson-Ujishima Director of Photography: Leah Anova Larry Edgerton: Michael W. Warren Format: Canon XLH1

Pregnant Pause

Director: Knox Hughes Producer: Knox Hughes Director of Photography: Leah Anova Format: Canon XLH1


Plot Summary: When a man tries to save his infected wife from turning into something terrible things go horribly wrong. Director: Walter Bolhost Producer: John Flores and Walter Bolhost Director of Photography: Leah Anova Talent: Husband: Sean Galuszka Wife: Joanna Strapp Format: EX-3


Plot Summary: Esperanza is an aspiring photographer from a quiet neighborhood in Pasadena. Her best friend, Rosa, has recently become involved with Al, a gang leader from a gritty East Los Angeles neighborhood. Rosa takes Esperanza to Boyle Heights to meet Al. He shows them around his neighborhood, his gang, and his family, opening Espeanza's eyes to both the depravity and the beauty of life in Al's barrio. Esperanza's naivety and brandishing of her camera causes a disturbance in Al's set...

Love 10 to 1

Plot Summary: Three stories, interwoven, each exploring a different aspect of searching for love in the city of Los Angeles. The lead characters are interconnected, but not necessarily related, and each thread operates more or less independently. The first story explores the life of a 29-year-old virgin, Jenny, who desperately wants to lose her virginity before her 30th birthday. As she encounters one loser after another on dates, Jenny pines after her boss, Dustin. While at her grandmother's...

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