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John Klein

Glass City Films
Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Chicago, Illinois

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About John

John is a happily married father, cinematographer, director, producer, camera operator, lover of dogs, Instagram addict, and all-around happy dude.

He has shot projects of all shapes, sizes, and budgets; whether it's short films like the neo-noir Fate Accompli or feature films such as the character-driven NightLights, or whether it's traveling around the globe for the Bangladesh documentary Strong Bodies Fight, producing promotional spots for Research Down Syndrome or the Back2School program, or lensing the HBO GO web series "Single Long" in his hometown of Chicago, he's always eager to collaborate and tell unique stories in a visually dynamic style.

John is also the executive producer of Glass City Films, a Midwest-based production company through which he has overseen as producer and lensed several short films including Rendezvous, Hangers, and Under The Table. He has also produced a trio of award-winning feature films in Glass City, Happily After (his directorial debut) and Separation Anxiety, in addition to several music videos and side projects. Glass City Films successfully raised over $35k in funds through Kickstarter for his second feature film as director, the acclaimed post-apocalyptic horror film Chrysalis.

John is currently enrolled in the MFA Digital Cinema program at Depaul University, where he also teaches cinematography.


  • Chat Room

    Chat Room (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Cinematographer It's Bryony's birthday. And she gets to spend it with the person she loves most in the world. Today is going to be the best day of her life...

  • Teacher

    Teacher (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Cinematographer An unbalanced high school English teacher goes to extreme lengths to protect his bullied student.

  • For the Love of the Child

    For the Love of the Child (2016)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Cinematographer Yearning to learn more about her adoption, a young woman begins the journey to meet her birth family.

  • After Hours

    After Hours (2016)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime, Drama and 1 More) Producer A lonely bartender is embroiled in a night of intrigue when a criminal hides in her bar for the night and tempts her with the promise of a more exciting life.

  • Skimmers

    Skimmers (2016)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime, Drama and 2 More) Producer Derron, a veteran of a forgotten war, is a Skimmer: a water smuggler in a dystopian future where a catastrophic drought has put control of the remaining fresh water in the hands of corporations. He receives his primary supply from company woman Mirielle and hands it off to Asher, a black market slumlord of sorts who runs distribution in his little corner. When he receives a scary message from Mirielle en route to his next pickup, he must face the horrible truth about the black market and come to terms with the kind of man he really is. Written by John Klein

  • Meet Your Maker

    Meet Your Maker (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Anti-body

    Anti-body (2015)
    Film (Short and Horror) Writer An ambitious medical school student synthesizes his experimental vaccine to prepare for a new and highly contagious virus. He spends the next twenty two days dealing with the side effects.

  • Displaced

    Displaced (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Sci-Fi) Cinematographer What happens when your wife wants you to stop building a time machine?

  • Get Swole

    Get Swole (2014)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Drama) Cinematographer 'Get Swole' follows the story of a guy, Steve, who gets an ultimatum - 'get in better shape or else.' The series visits the various ecosystems that exist within a gym and the characters he meets along the way. Steve encounters uber-competitive athletes 'doing work' at the free weights, the eternal optimists who climb the rock wall, and the old men who love to schvitz in the sauna. Ultimately, the series is about friendships and what it takes to turn situational friendships into real connections.

  • NightLights

    NightLights (2014)
    Film (Drama) Cinematographer Erin Logan lives with and provides for her twin brother Jacob, who is severely affected by autism. After she stumbles into chances for love and friendship, she is forced to confront what it means to have a good life, and whether she can care for her brother and for herself at the same time. Written by Keaton Wooden, and David Midell

  • Young Couple

    Young Couple (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Cinematographer Chicago, IL -- After failed starter marriages, Nic and Chris struggle to connect between their day jobs and night lives. When Nic's ex-husband, Mike, appears to rekindle their college band, Chris wrestles to give his wife the space to be a "true" artist, without letting her get away from the plans he's set for their future. Written by Young Couple

  • Dead Mans Hand

    Dead Mans Hand (2014)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Out of Sight

    Out of Sight (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Vivian is a fashion photographer who is struggling with an unexplained vision problem. Things take an unexpected turn after she meets her eye doctor. Stumbling across a mysterious stranger on the street, Vivian is introduced to her own journey through 'the universe.' Written by Anonymous

  • Chrysalis

    Chrysalis (2014)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi) Producer Chrysalis is a post-apocalyptic horror film, set 25 years after a biological terrorist attack unleashes a virus upon the world, transforming much of humanity into vicious creatures and laying waste to civilization. The remnants and survivors have staggered about for years, as the "infected" slowly starve and die off. Our story follows Joshua (Cole Simon) and Penelope (Sara Gorsky), two such survivors who have banded together in the hope of rescuing others and hopefully rebuilding civilization. When they encounter Abira, the lone survivor of another group, their worlds and goals are irrevocably altered, and they must face new and terrifying challenges if they are to survive. Written by John Klein

  • LAID: Life as It's Dealt

    LAID: Life as It's Dealt (2013)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Cinematographer Caught in a downward spiral after his daughter's birth, Jason escaped to the city of Chicago, where he met Noah, a young male who introduced him to an alternative way of survival. Working in isolation from the "normal" world, Jason soon falls victim to an unhealthy existence. Now, three years later, Jason is still haunted by a heartbreaking past and the route he has chosen for both him and his daughter to survive. When he meets Amber, the "girl next door", who offers him love, stability and a possible way out, he jumps at the chance - only to find himself caught between two colliding worlds. Written by J.D. Stimson Jr.

  • Skin & Bones

    Skin & Bones (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Cinematographer A day in the life of a degenerate gambler.

  • Back 2 School

    Back 2 School (2012)
    Film (Documentary, Short, Drama and News) Cinematographer A short, moving and inspirational documentary about the Back 2 School charity program in Illinois, which provides school supplies to inner city children and families in need.

  • Sick Smelly Dirty Politics

    Sick Smelly Dirty Politics (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Single Long

    Single Long (2012)
    Television (Comedy) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Fate Accompli

    Fate Accompli (2012)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Cinematographer Spending a lonely night in his luxury hotel room, Gabriel, a merciless contract killer, hires Faye, a beautiful, seductive call girl, to pass the time. But Gabriel gets more than he bargained for when Faye reveals another agenda. Written by Production

  • Hangers

    Hangers (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Horror and Mystery) Cinematographer A dark horror comedy about Gabriel, a young wisecrack waging a battle against the ghost of his new apartment's former tenant. When it becomes clear that all the ghost wants is to see the former love of his life, Kate, one last time, Gabriel vows to help him... or it... move on. Written by Anonymous

  • Under the Table

    Under the Table (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Cinematographer Beautiful restaurant. Beautiful people. And a monster. During a lovely dinner, the conversation turns from babies to rats to the horrific surprise under the table. If Stanley Kubrick made a monster movie, it would look something like this... Written by Anonymous

  • The Sleepover

    The Sleepover (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Strong Bodies Fight

    Strong Bodies Fight (2011)
    Film (Documentary, Family, History and Sport) Cinematographer "Strong bodies fight, that weak bodies may be nourished." - Dominic "Nappy" Napolitano This is the mantra of the Notre Dame Boxing Team, which annually hosts an intramural charity tournament called "The Bengal Bouts" to support the Holy Cross development efforts in the poverty-stricken country of Bangladesh. Founded by Dominic "Nappy" Napolitano and legendary football coach Knute Rockne in 1930, and perpetuated by over 80 years of blood, sweat, and grit, the Bengal Bouts represent a sacred tradition of students lacing up their gloves in a fight much larger than the ring in which they box. In May 2008, for the first time in the storied history of the program, a group of 5 student boxers embarked on a journey to the other side of the world to witness the Bangladesh missions. What they encountered was not what they had anticipated. Where they had expected to find weakness, they found strength; where they thought they would find despair, they found great resolve. They learned that the ... Written by Anonymous

  • Last Seen on Dolores Street

    Last Seen on Dolores Street (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Cinematographer In a hard-boiled town, a heartbroken woman says goodbye to an old pet and hello to a new nightmare.

  • Not Another B Movie

    Not Another B Movie (2010)
    Film (Comedy) Cinematographer An adept spoof of cinema's behind-the-scenes experiences, Not Another B Movie combines frightening and disgusting zombies with frightening and disgusting hack directions to tell a hilarious story! With a cast that includes Ed Asner, Joe Estevez and David Faustino, it's an insightful romp through the horror film industry and the horrors of the film industry. Written by Anonymous

  • Nowheresville

    Nowheresville (2010)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Cinematographer In an isolated motel somewhere south of Memphis, FBI bookkeeper Simon Welch takes on his first assignment as a field agent: surveillance on the notorious thief Michael Casiello and his moll Samantha. However, after weeks of spying on the lovebirds, Simon finds himself falling for the dame. When a chance meeting sparks a torrid affair, she convinces the honest lawman plot the untimely murder of her criminal mate. But the question soon looms in Simon's mind: how long before she takes another lover and how long before they plot his own murder? Written by Anonymous

  • The Burial

    The Burial (2010)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Cinematographer For Jonathan Trout, it's just another morning: same job, same suit, same lonely bed. That is, until he comes down to his kitchen and finds the unwanted remnants of the previous night's party: a dead body. What ensues is a darkly comic misadventure that takes Jon and his unrequited love, Cori, to the end of their wits and back. Amidst the chaos of The Burial, they somehow grow closer than they have ever been before. Written by Anonymous

  • Requited

    Requited (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Cinematographer A woman confronts her ex-boyfriend for the first time after a terrible break-up. The film dramatizes the conflicting emotions one feels in confronting an ex-lover.

  • Disappeared

    Disappeared (2010)
    Television (Crime) Cinematographer The heartbreaking, mystifying and unbelievable stories of loved ones who have disappeared and the families that never give up hope. Some stories remain unresolved; some reveal tragic endings and others have surprisingly upbeat resolutions. All of them are propelled by unpredictable twists and turns. Written by Toby Padilla

  • Sleepless Night in the Middle of Nowhere

    Sleepless Night in the Middle of Nowhere (2010)
    Video (Short and Drama) Cinematographer A collection of late-night travelers whose paths are fatefully intertwined search for meaning and direction on the roads outside of a small town.

  • Separation Anxiety

    Separation Anxiety (2010)
    Film (Drama) Producer Separation Anxiety traces the friendship of three twenty-something childhood pals, Quinn, Jess, and Bailey...beginning on the morning of Bailey's funeral. In what appears to be a fatal accident, Bailey fell off the dam where he used to hang out, and the shock of the event devastates everyone close to him in different ways. Quinn, having left their hometown years ago for a job out west, is forced to deal with his grief while stranded at the airport, while Jess spends the morning with Bailey's father, trying to make sense of the tragedy. Quite content to stew in his grief, the emotionally distant Quinn is befriended during his delay by a fellow passenger, a woman named Lily, who knows loss and grief in such a way that Quinn cannot fully embrace. Back home, as Jess searches for answers in her tense dialogues with Mr. Palmer, she finds only more confusion and sorrow, particularly in the form of a letter Bailey left for her prior to his death. As the people who loved Bailey the most ... Written by John Klein

  • Happily After

    Happily After (2010)
    Film (Thriller) Producer One fine day, Tristan Rochester meets Trisha Reynolds at a coffee shop, and the chemistry is instantaneous. Suave, charming, and all too interested in every facet of Trisha's life, Tristan is smitten to the core, and his first date with people-pleaser Trisha sees sparks fly. As their relationship slowly progresses, however, Tristan comes under fire from Matt, Trisha's jealous ex-husband and the father of Trisha's young son Landon, to whom Tristan also takes a liking. Despite the best efforts of everyone around him - from his testosterone-infused work buddy Jeff to his worried sister Maggie - Tristan remains loyal to his love, even as Trisha seemingly sways emotionally and physically towards Matt. When the time comes and Tristan makes up his mind to propose to a finally free Trisha, everything finally seems right with the world. But when Landon returns home from a visit to his dad's place, and finds Tristan alone in his house and his mother nowhere to be found, a fateful moment turns ... Written by Anonymous

  • Mijo

    Mijo (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Rene picks up his son from school and takes him to the neighborhood bar... Everything is going great until his wife shows up.

  • The Cab Ride

    The Cab Ride (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Joe Mielenski has a chip on his shoulder. He thinks he's been dealt a short deck of cards, but trudges through life the best he can as a taxi driver. Enter Grace Stevens, a terminally ill woman who needs his help to get to a hospice to live out her final days. As they travel along her chosen route, it becomes an astounding trip through memory lane. Eventually their generational contrasts and differences of opinion surface, but in the long run they find a way to influence each others' lives Written by Joe Scarpitta

  • Hannah Free

    Hannah Free (2009)
    Film (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Hannah and Rachel grew up as little girls in the same small Midwest town, where traditional gender expectations eventually challenge their deep love for one another. Hannah becomes an adventurous, unapologetic lesbian and Rachel a strong but quiet homemaker. Weaving back and forth between past and present, the film reveals how the women maintained their love affair despite a marriage, a world war, infidelities, and family denial. Written by Anonymous

  • Half Way Home

    Half Way Home (2008)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer A film about a man searching the empty city for a stranger's companionship as he seemingly avoids facing his troubles at home.

  • Home Cooked Meal

    Home Cooked Meal (2008)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Cinematographer In an attempt to make his newly ex-ed girlfriend jealous, Colin hits on Abbie. She then invites him over to her house for a 'Home Cooked Meal.' Once there, he finds himself trapped in a strange world of Mormonism, salad from the garden of eden and fending off the advances of a sexually charged Mormon college girl. Written by Sarah Klegman

  • Ohio Sky

    Ohio Sky (2008)
    Film (Short and Music) Cinematographer Echoing the themes of stagnancy and artistic growth featured in the film "Glass City" (2008), the music video for "Ohio Sky" showcases the band members first as unhappy janitors working their routines before it transitions to their lofty daydreams of rocking out against the aurora-painted sky. Written by John Klein

  • Glass City

    Glass City (2008)
    Film (Drama) Cinematographer Mike Stegman is turning 30, living in Toledo and going nowhere. He's worked at the same Laundromat for 10 years, he has few friends to speak of, his relationship with his family is on the rocks, and the book he never finished lies dormant on his computer desk. At the request of his estranged sister Sarah, Mike hesitantly joins up with an amateur theatre company for their summer production of Death of a Salesman. Over the course of the summer, Mike is transformed, coming out of his emotional shell and developing new friendships and a relationship with the young, spunky tech director Emma Swanson, a girl nine years his junior. The film follows Mike on a summer journey of self-discovery and forgiveness, as he realizes that the city and people he's come to loathe may just save him in ways he never could have expected. Written by John Klein

  • The Tale of a Suicidal Narcoleptic

    The Tale of a Suicidal Narcoleptic (2008)
    Film (Drama) Cinematographer A romantic comedy based on the loneliness of life, and the joy of love. Set around Josh a 20's something retail manger, whose ambition has faded along with his drudging hope for tomorrow. When the only answer left is to end it all, Josh finds solace in Lindsey, the suicidal hot-line 1 am shift. Josh soon discovers that the one girl who can change it all is a hooker. Written by John Flores

  • Rendezvous

    Rendezvous (2008)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer While en route to an unknown location, female assassin Chapman receives a phone call from fellow assassin Booth, with whom it is clear she has a close relationship. Booth tells her that he has just "missed his target", spawning a conversation between the two of them on their current career choices. A shocking turn of events abruptly concludes the conversation. Written by John Klein

  • The Group

    The Group (2008)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department What do a stressed out license-plate salesman, a nymphomaniac, a Woodstock-era hippie, an obsessive-compulsive candy maker, a hip-hop priest, and a megalomaniac Indian have in common? Six characters in search of the Great American screenplay. Written by Anonymous

  • 684 Brewster

    684 Brewster (2008)
    Film (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Decker

    Decker (2007)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Crime) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Sketch

    Sketch (2007)
    Film (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Monster Job Hunter

    Monster Job Hunter (2007)
    Film (Short and Action) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Monster Job Hunter is the story of subservient, meek man-child living in a virtual world of computer games who is forced to deal with real life. While interviewing for a job he discovers courage and strength that he did not know he had, and becomes the ultimate warrior Written by Arnie Reyes

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