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By Danielle Silverstone

GENRE: Comedy, Musical

Victoria Karen Silverstone (call her Tori) moves to Hollywood to escape her toxicass family and stop herself from becoming like them. She fumbles her way through work, friendships, and love (ew) and learns chosen family can change everything and even make you Grow the Fuck Up. Sorta. 


Tori doesn’t do feelings. Emotions are gross, overwhelming, and too much for her to handle. So she doesn’t. That is a problem. A problem she recognizes when she realizes she’s acting exactly like her asshole father, Leonel. That NEEDS to be fixed.

We open on Tori mid scream in an Orange County restaurant bathroom, “I don’t want to be Batman”. She’s mid panic attack at dinner with her dad and brother Vincent. Rewind to young Tori then back to that day to Tori in Childwatch with kids (the only people she can show emotions to). Enter Michael, Childwatch’s new boss, bodychecking after the gym, microanalyzing every detail of his body, who flirts with Tori’s dad at the front (gross I know I’m sorry), before going to shower and leaving Leonel to ask about Tori, “The Annoying One” as he calls her, who sees him and immediately recoils in fear. She goes to dinner with Leonel and Vincent who gaslight and manipulate her the entire time, leading to the bathroom scream, Michael meets the rest of the staff and gets a preview of the chaos he’s joining, then goes home and meticulously preps his meals for the next two (2) weeks, moving as much of someone’s takeout he can without screaming, and they all find out exactly how Tori feels about her dad.

Tori and Michael meet at the end of episode two (2) and their fates will forever be intertwined. Michael needs to grow a pair and stand tf up for himself, and Tori needs to relax and calm tf down. But EVERYONE needs to Grow TF Up. Sorta.

Season one (1) sees Tori confronting her complicated relationship with her father and getting closer with people who care about her for who she is, Michael standing up for himself and realizing that he deserves to be loved too, and both of them learning more about their bodily issues.

This isn't your mother's typical show (or your father or non-binary parent we're inclusive here). Based on the real-life chaos of learning to Grow TF Up, this show has been pulled str8 (for now) out of Danielle's ass. Buckle up, fuckers.


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