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By Florica Cimpoies

GENRE: Thriller, War, Historical, Drama

Mehmed conquers Byzance. The world trembles. Betrayed by his allies

Stefan and Mathias, Vlad faces the conqueror with a
handful of braves.


This is the story of a hero, a national hero, a fighter for light and

freedom. He wants to become an alchemist but life brings him on the

battlefield. When his father and brother are murdered he decides to

become a fighter.

The powerful Ottoman princes arrive to the city considered Europe's

gate, Constantinople, the last stronghold of the former Roman - Balkan


Two worlds face off: what's cruel and unacceptable for the ones means a

new world order for the others. Constantinople falls. Next target is

Wallachia over the Danube .

On one side Vlad the prince and voivode destined to defend his sacred

motherland, on the other the sultan Mehmed with fame and ambition, who

considers his duty to God to widen his empire.

They were born to face each other.

The pope calls to the crusade , everyone says yes, but no one comes.

Betrayed by his best alies whome he had put on their thrones, Mathias of

Hungary and Stefan of Moldavia,Vlad dismantles the gigantic army of Mehmed and stops the invasion of his own small country and of the rest of Europe in the same time, with a handful of braves.

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