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By Daniel Ranalli

GENRE: Action, Thriller
LOGLINE: To escape the life of the underworld, Jay Dunlap adopts the face of a deadman, but this deadman was the last mark of a hitman, this hitman mistakes Jay for the deadman, and a hunt across New York ignites.


"A Concrete Jungle" starts with a hitman named Jay Dunlap, who wants out of the life. He adopts the identity of a man who died of natural causes, or so he thinks, and even surgically alters his face to look like him. In reality, this man was the most recent mark of another hitman; Quinton Thoreau. So when Quinton hears that there’s no record of his last target’s body ever making it to the morgue, he tracks it down but instead finds Jay with his target’s face. Thinking Jay to be his target, a city-wide man-hunt ignites. A little about the director and me: Andrew Akler is also directing another feature and has worked on about a dozen award-winning shorts, almost always as a director. For the very first short he directed, “Wake Me,” he won Best Director and Best in Show at his school of Hofstra University. I myself am also developing a show for a producer, whose work has been featured at Cannes. Feel free to contact me or Andrew if you want to talk about this or other projects.


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