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By Daniel Ranalli

GENRE: Sci-fi, Family
LOGLINE: Mutants rule the surface and humanity survives in the sky, for now, but a young soldier’s curiosity will lead him to the secret to save mankind.


My name’s Daniel Ranalli and aside from this pilot for a sci-fi action series, I’ve also written a feature-length script that will go into pre-production as soon as the director finishes his current project. In this pilot, though, 22nd century humanity lives in levitating sky-citadels, all because of the mutant race that rules the long-abandoned surface. In the sky-citadel of Neopolis, its flagship, known as the Jupiter, returns for its new crew, including a teenage soldier named Claudius. Aboard this city-sized zeppelin, he and his friends get shipped out on a tour-of-duty that will take them through thousands of miles of territory infested with these mutants, known as ‘splicelings.’ Before they get shipped out, though, Neopolis gets attacked by insurgents. Claudius and his friends pursue them in a battle across the sky-citadel, but these insurgents manage to get away. Soon after, the Jupiter’s commander, Cpt Atia Glaber, tells Claudius and his friends that they suspect these insurgents to be sleeper-spies from a rival nation. War between these two city-states might lie on the horizon, but what no one knows is that the mutant splicelings are planning a war of their own. I mentioned that I was chosen to write a feature-length script for a movie, a project that will cost thousands of dollars and put many dozens of people to work, and just wanted to explain that it will start to go into pre-production within the upcoming months, as soon as he finishes his current project. Also, if you wanted to contact the director, his name is Andrew Akler, and you can find him on Stage 32.


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