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James Wall

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My name is James Wall... I have had a dream all my life (well most of it) to follow a career through the media industry and to hopefully become a TV presenter.

This all started 5 years ago in school. A media club known as Knowle west media centre came into my school and was giving a film club opportunity. I had a quick think and thought I would enjoy something like this and went for it. About 8 of us were in the club. This is where my story began?

The first short film I had made was news bulletin of extremely fictional proportions. A mad scientist creating a talking goat, which has escaped the country.it, was interesting to say the least... in this I was controlling the camera and I really enjoyed myself.

Unfortunately because lack of numbers in the club it had to be cancelled, which was a real shame! But the people running the club offered me a chance to join a new long term club. I jumped and said yes. So now I continue on???

The club had not yet been named but it still went ahead! our first project was creating an animation using multiple techniques... it was for 2 days, what we finished with was a stop motion 3 minute animation called sir Fredrick of thunder world. A stickman who 1 day decides to go to the theme park thunder world and discovers a bit more than he bargained for??

Weeks after, the name of the club was revealed including its new logos... we called it digital fish, a place where young talented film makers get the chance to make movie shorts!!! And so the true group had been made and I was living...

More and more people came and new projects arrived? We made horrors (which were not that scary) a few more animations, documentaries, and other fiction stories... each film we made had been entered in film festivals and awards? We may have not won any. However, we did manage to become runners up. Did it stop us? Of course not!

2 years in... We at digital fish were asked to judge children’s animation festival nominations and decide which 1's we thought were the best? The score was decided but, someone had to present to a crowed the judges chosen winner and runner up... no one in my group wanted to do it? So I stepped forward for the job and you know what? I will never regret it!

On the day of the awards assembly I was prepped and ready to present... throughout the day I was fine, got to the event about 1 hour before and I was still fine?? 5 minutes when it started, the nerves kicked in! Man was I shaking. Then it was my turn, my name was called to present the award. One knee playing football in nerves, I was given a mic, and then I exploded with jolly and the nerves went like that. I presented the award in front of a crowd of about 100 people and I loved it... from this day on?? My dream became clear... that was to become a TV presenter or a presenter to say the least.

So I carried on with the club, presenting new films created by us over 5 years, acted in many of them and I was loving it! the latest one made by the group was called counterpunch about a boxer who has been having trouble with stereotypes and lack of respect... this was made with the help of a BAFTA winning mentor (I would say his name but I cannot remember). to finish this project off, we were invited to the BAFTA building in London to open our finished films and see other young film makers like myself and take a glimpse of what they can create... the atmosphere was grand ad the showing room was astonishing. We went through each film till it came to ours. They asked in one of us wished to present to the room the film so you can guess... I stood up gave about two minutes of speech to the crowd of 200+ and it was great, they laughed I smiled and the film was a success. Afterwards we went to a buffet room and had some (soft) drinks. People were walking over to me congratulating the film and asking me whether I was a stand-up comedian... hearing those people complimenting me made me more eager to follow my dream?

Now in the year 2012, 6 years from when my story began, I have gain an apprenticeship in BBC Bristol as a runner? All thanks to the great and tremendous work of the Knowle west media centre... I owe them a great deal!!! Wish me luck for the grand future and I hope you’ve enjoyed this story.


From working at the BBC for a few months, I had worked on 2 programmes. These being Autumn Watch Live 2011 and Andy's Wild Adventure. The first series of Andy's was released on the CBeeBies channel in the month of February 2012. Throughout its broadcast it became a massive hit with the young audiences and winning Awards worldwide. It was great fun working with the team on Andy's and the experience and advice I have gained are Priceless. I hope there will be another series to come.

The new and fabulous year of 2012, a new challenge rose on the horizon, Planet Earth Live. I started in this big production in the month of April after taking a week break from work to recuperate from the work of Andy's Wild adventures. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be long enough. Planet Earth Live, A wildlife documentary series which will show the massive struggle for baby animals in the month of May, was filled with difficulties, problems and a huge amount of rush it was hard to understand why they would only hire one runner. As the only one on the team i had to be 2 locations, in 2 separate builds on the top floor of both building at once. Hard going when you’re only a trainee apprentice but overall, i was really enjoyable and the team (after their tantrums and stress) were great to work with.

Here at the Bristol base or HUB which we called it. The live directors and visual mixers were stuck in a room for 12 hours or more each TX day (or broadcast day). My main role was to provide a regular supply of refreshments and snacks so they would not go hungry. Also, i never would have thought water would be such a hassle.

All in all, the entire programme, Presented by the amazing Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury across 6 different countries was a massive success. Being the most ambitious live television programme I am proud to of worked with the Planet Earth Live team.

During these productions and amount of hours, you probably wouldn’t think I’d have time to do college. However, i do. The apprenticeship i am on called the Creative and Digital Apprenticeship in Interactive media (that’s a mouthful), mean i am learning a huge widespread selection of subjects in the media industry. These include web development, digital graphics, social networking, camera operation and much, much more. At time it can be quite stressful and frustrating because i don’t feel like i am learning as much as i am when in work. Although how i think about it, you got to take the bad side to enjoy the Good bits later on.


Name: James Wall

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