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By Tai. DD

GENRE: Adventure, Comedy

A journalist of an undeniable failure must find the hypnotizing story to be successful.


“The HYPNOTIST” by Dominic Ajayi dd is the story of the discovery of an old book by a middle age journalist; ALEX GBENRO; 38. Though, ALEX GBENRO was an undeniable failure, but, in spite of that, an artist of more than ordinary talent. He had, however, fallen into the route traveled by ‘never-do-wells’ and was out at the elbows as well as insolvent. Preceding the event of finding the rawhide book, ALEX was in debts as well as in the company of misfortune and starvation. This misfortune leads him to search his room and he found the ordinary #30 naira BK book out of which he never knew a goldmine will ensure. Consumed by the fascinating dialogue, he became possessed and therefore, the journey of the hypnotist begins.

Haven being hypnotized by the features of the book, be was intrinsically possessed by it and therefore, the real author’s words in ALEX’ tongue possessed everyone he had to tell the story to. Everyone he told the story to; were hypnotized by it to a level beyond what they could understand and therefore achieved success in whatever they laid their hands upon. It seemed to change people's lives for the a charm, better still like a magic, and ALEX GBENRO became the auspicious much wanted person.

But then, fate plays a fast one on the friend of Alex Gbenro; AYO who was the first to learn about the story. AYO had consistently been receiving recommendations and commendations from friends and acquaintances that ALEX GBENRO had told them a wonderful story which had helped changed their fortune for the better, though he was a witness to this in ALEX GBENRO’S last meeting with him at the café.

The more AYO seeks to find ALEX and hear the story, the more fate seems to take him away from it. Soon AYO experienced the sensation of something sneakily pursuing him, as if fate were treading along behind him, yet never overtaking. AYO runs for his life till he met the wonderful story gathering at the usual café.

However, the second half of the story reveals actual “HYPNOTIST” Story as found by AYO in the words of the real hypnotist that hypnotized where old ISHOLA ADAMS bequeath leave-talking words to generations yet unborn in lines and movement of his encounter with the plus and minus selves.

Tai. DD

Good Writings Makes Your Business To Thrive.

I have a B.A. in Philosophy and 8 years of experience as a passionate writer, including Articles, Film Scripts, Skits, blogging and marketing communications. I work on contract freelancing full-time. In my 8 years as a freelancer I have helped a great number of businesses improve their market share by improving their writing. I have created scripts, skits, copy for web pages, online ads, promotional e-mails, white papers, brochures, postcards, etc. I am experienced in writing compelling and appropriate content for blogs, tweets and Facebook posts. My clients include independent film makers, media firms, advertising agencies, public relations firms, company marketing departments, large stores, marketing firms, magazines and creative agencies. I am also fluent in English, I am pretty flexible with respect to working hours. Deadlines are sacred for me and I will review your content as many times as it takes for it to exceed your expectations! less

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