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By Deborah Louise Ortiz

GENRE: Drama

The Ortiz Sisters, inspired by true events, centers around three New York Latina sisters who try to grow past their dark upbringing and family secrets, but they find themselves in a vicious cycle until one decides to break through and take on the truth of a highly dysfunctional family


Pilot synopsis:

MARISOL ORTIZ is the oldest of the sisters and she is relied upon to fix her broken family as she struggles to deal with her own life through the grips of depression. She is overwhelmed by everyone else’s needs that she has neglected her own. She realizes this and sees no way out of it, that is, until a chance encounter with a stranger, SARAH, who shows her that it is possible to escape the abuse and dependence.

EVA ORTIZ is the classic middle child with a serious alcohol problem. She seeks out attention from anyone that is willing to give it to her, whether it is from her husband or the boyfriend of the month. Once she is diagnosed with a serious medical issue, she discovers that she receives the attention she craves and becomes obsessed with making false claims that she is being diagnosed with life threatening conditions.

LILY ORTIZ is the black sheep. She is the one with the most visible problems. The youngest of the three sisters, Lily seems to need the most help but always finds a way to survive by any means necessary even if it puts her life at risk.

Series Synopsis:

The three sisters struggle with their childhood abuses which leads to self-destructive behavior . Marisol realizes, with the help from Sarah, that she is stronger by herself than she ever thought. She will go on to break the cycle, but soon realizes that demons don’t always stay in the shadows. She will always have to fight them back.

Eva grows lonelier as everyone moves on past their shared misery. She becomes the trouble maker in the family. Whispering in the ears of anyone that she can manipulate. Eva is just trying not to be forgotten as the family moves forward. She struggles with her own insecurities.

Lily is the most important of the three sisters as the story goes on. She is the one that brings everything to the surface. When she spirals out of control, the whole family must watch helplessly as she drinks and drugs herself into an early grave. Her bond with her sisters forces them to look deep inside themselves and find the true meaning of family and self-worth.

Deborah Louise Ortiz

We are excited to announce that our Television Pilot 'The Ortiz Sisters" has just been announced as a FINALIST in the "Latino Screenwriting Competition" Frank Besser and I are truly grateful for this honor.

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