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By Gary G. Tavares

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama
LOGLINE: A Special Tactical Unit (STU) top cop, must team up with the first female officer ever to join the unit when his family is kidnapped. He finds out there is a leak in the Police Department and ironically she is the only officer he trusts. To save his family they must become a deadly duo.


A COP’S JUSTICE SCREENPLAY SYNOPSIS By Gary G. Tavares Crime is at an all-time high and Organized Crime is at it’s highest point in over fifty years. Economic cut-backs have caused depletion in local police departments. The once lucrative city, which was booming with business, has become a breeding ground for the Syndicate and Organized Crime. MR. GIOVANNI, a ruthless Kingpin, heads the large criminal underground network. This network includes a Russian Mafia leader named MR. KOLINOFSKY and MR. HUNG, leader of the deadly “Asian Shadow Dragons.” The local police departments are forced to turn to their top two tactical divisions to stop these criminals. One such tactical division is an elite group of officers known as the Special Tactical Unit. (S.T.U) One of the lead officers is OFFICER DAVISON. He is a highly skilled Ex-Navy SEAL who is an expert in martial arts and weapons. The other tactical division is the Organized Crime Investigative Unit (O.C.I.U)One of the lead detectives is Detective Chang. She is an expert in Martial Arts and weapons. Detective Chang transfers to the elite S.T.U Force. At first Officer Davison does not like her being on the S.T.U Force but later he does warm up to her and they became quite close. Officer Davison finds out there is a leak in the Law Enforcement ranks. When his family is kidnapped by Mr. Hung and the “Asian Shadow Dragons” he turns to Detective Chang, who is the only officer he can trust to help him. To win this war on crime they must become a deadly and ruthless force. They use their skills and deadly weapons in an all out war against the mobs. This Screenplay is action packed with many twists and turns, as the characters from both sides play a real life or death game of Chess. “A Cop’s Justice” has the action level of a Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon or Die Hard. This Screenplay was reviewed and endorsed by Ian Merrick Producer, Writer, Director, President of Epiphany Films Los Angeles (E.T., Flash dance, Apocalypse Now, Black Panther, Platoon, Hangmen and The Last Emperor) It was also reviewed and endorsed by his colleague John Daly (13 time Academy Award Winner) and by famous Hollywood Actor James Hong. (Blade Runner, Tango & Cash, Big Trouble In Little China, Blood Sport 2, Blood Sport 3 and appearances in hundreds of television and movie films) This is a Full-length, original Screenplay and I am the sole Screenwriter.

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