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By Renee Buck

GENRE: Historical
LOGLINE: When her husband loses the family fortune during the “Banking Panic of 1873,” Lydia sells her herbal women’s brew to stave off bankruptcy and launches a patent medicine empire! Based on a true story.


THE WORLD The series is set in a bustling manufacturing city of Lynn, Massachusetts at the height of the industrial revolution. Lydia’s irrepressible spirit and spunk takes us on a calamitous journey from riches to rags and back again, replete with passionate Suffragettes and pro-Temperance ladies, ancient Indian recipes, the Irish Mob, talking Spirits, and the challenges of being not just a woman, but an outspoken business woman and advocate for women’s health, sex education, and equality. Lydia fearlessly takes on Dr. Graves and the male medical establishment, determined to keep Lydia and her ilk in their place! Just don’t tell anyone that his wife is a rather enthusiastic imbiber of Lydia’s tonics… PILOT SYNOPSIS Lydia’s tireless effort to ease “the aches and pains peculiar to women,” is still a charitable activity in the pilot, but it pits her firmly against Dr. Graves, a medical doctor for whom she holds great contempt. His ignorant childbirth practices put the life of Lydia’s friend at great risk and kills her newborn. He’s villain #1. Villain #2 is Mickie Doherty, the local Irish Mob Boss, with whom Isaac Pinkham, Lydia’s husband—a wealthy and respected real estate developer—strikes a secret devil’s bargain to save the family assets after their bank collapses. That bargain, however, leaves the Pinkhams near penniless at the end of the pilot and Lydia is left to pick up the pieces when Isaac fails to recover from a nervous breakdown. After receiving a cryptic message from her long-dead father through the Great Russian Medium, Madam Borghova, (which Lydia initially dismisses), Lydia comes to realize that her medicinal potions may be the only thing to save them! Unless…of course, Dr. Graves gets in her way.


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