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By Martin John Solloway

GENRE: Historical, Horror, Romance
LOGLINE: A demon and girl, trapped together by lust and murder for 888 years, battle to be freed by a young team of ghost hunters, over one night of terror and awakening in the church of St Mary the Virgin.


The Virgin's Demon An original story and screenplay by Chen Yu-Chien and Martin John Solloway It is a 90-minute horror movie set in the church of Saint Mary the Virgin, dating back to Norman times. In the Year of Our Lord Eleven Hundred and Twenty-Three (1123 AD), Matilda de Norwood, daughter of the hated Norman mercenary (literally “free lance”), Robert de Norwood, was taken hostage by a gang of Saxon serfs. In her terror, Matilda called for help and was answered - not by God or man, but by the demon, Melstifax. Melstifax answered her call. He slew and ate all but one of the Saxon serfs, leaving the surviving man skinless, limbless and eyeless, but with a tongue to tell of what had occurred. In return for his help, Melstifax demanded his reward. In the form of a beautiful young man, he made love to Matilda. Coming upon them in their embrace, Robert de Norwood slew them both, driving his sword through both bodies at once, as they lay entwined on the ground. Thus were the spirits of Matilda and Melstifax joined and bound forever to that spot. Eight Hundred and Eighty-Eight years later, a group of local teenagers are drawn to that spot, now the church of Saint Mary the Virgin, with parts of the building dating back to those Norman times. Over one night of terror and heroism, they must free the soul of Matilda, so that she can finally go to her rest, without releasing the demon, Melstifax, to sate his wrath on the modern day people of the parish. These plucky ghost hunters, armed with torches, electronic instruments and a WiFi access to the Internet must battle night terrors, outsmart ghouls, and share their deepest fears with long-trapped spirits. In the process, they bond as a team and overcome their own private demons. With demonic possession, religious bigotry and betrayal, the dark central story is interwoven with tales of courage against adversity and self-doubt, love surfacing in unexpected places, and the dangers and opportunities of technology. The black and white certainties give way to shades of grey, when girls can become monsters and even demons can engender sympathy. Reluctant antiheroes step in when the obvious champions fall. Scenes that we think we know seem more complex when seen from more than one character’s perspective. Strong female characters, ancient and modern, take the story down routes that draw on the ghost and monster movie genre, but reject some of the easy answers. Even when the penalty for a wrong move is certain death and probable eternal damnation, can the monster not be saved, too? When courage meets integrity, anything may seem possible. THE VIRGIN’S DEMON is a layered and nuanced night of horror, where doing the right thing comes at a terrible price. Copyright © 2011, Chen Yu-Chien & Martin John Solloway. All rights reserved worldwide. Martin John Solloway is a full member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain (member #007544)

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