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Sven Halfen

Actor, Fight Director and Screenwriter

Monschau, Germany

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A little about me

Do you believe, there is such a thing as an inner strength, possessed by any human being, a power that is just there waiting to be discovered, fed and taking care of like a flower, hard to unleash, but just as beautiful once it's done? I do. I always did. I've always believed, it does exist in me, in an amount many consider as obsession and far away from a healthy dose of passion.
It's hard growing up with this feeling of incompletement, the drive, to commit my very being to a thing I haven't found at that state of life. It's getting you down. That voice, that penetrates your consciousness in such a slight, in an undisturbing way, disturbing, telling you, you might just be a free spirit unable to find rest. But no. This drive commanding me to act, was far too powerful beyond measure to possibly be an illusion.
So finding my mission would quickly become my mission. I started looking, remembering, analyzing.
It started out with the same type of drive I was using at age 5, when phantasysing about my future. My first dream was becoming a Police officer. In the States of course. The feeling, that whatever waits in that country is what I was looking for, is as old as I can remember. But I never really cared about what a REAL cop actually does. I didn't care because the artist, that has already lived in that kids head that age, knew that my fantasy could create an interpretation of an Officer that makes reality so less satisfying. It's the way I think. The next dream I can remember, lasted longer. I knew when I`m grown, I want to be an architect. Creating things that don't exist yet. Thinking thoughts nobody has EVER thought before me. I was always kind of talented with a pencil, an ability I never considered as a thing to focus on. Guess I knew there was never the trace of a chance to ever outshine my sister. After failing math in every way imaginable, Architecture lost it's magic over my life a bit more each day. But then one day, I was touched by something. Something I consider a spirit flowing into my body, like there is a new part myself, ready to take control over the empty shell I was. I remembered the times I dreamed about being a cop and the dramatic, over the top actionfilled cases of murder and kidnapping I will solve in my rough, antihero type of alter ego. I was about 5 that time, but he stories I made up, the foes I imagined and the dream world I placed them in, had, potential. I was a storyteller. The first Time I spoke that out loud was at age 12. I wasn't writing them down yet, or giving my stories a beginning or an end, it was just an ongoing daily dream with little episodes just like a TV show, with me, as the protagonist. On day, I had an Idea, a new story, growing in my head, that would soon change the whole game in a direction, that could give my soul peace. It was a superhero story. The first Idea, so far out of this world, I couldn't project it on myself. That was weird. I couldn't live it in any way possible but, I knew the Idea was to good, to just let it die, somewhere down in my subconscious. Deep down, I knew what I had to do. It wasn't an Idea yet and so far away from being a thought. It was an emotion, torn in my heart. I HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN. But how? Why? Will somebody ever read it? Is somebody even going to like it? That doesn't matter. I had to try. I had to go on that journey, which I knew, wouldn't end with that story. But where should I start? The following days I spend on research. I watched every YouTube video, read any article and heard every audio book about screenwriting I could get in my little curious little fingers. I was onto something. something bigger than myself. So this is how it feels. The feeling I always wanted. To lose myself in something beyond the material world. Something that lives forever.
I have always been lazy. A bad habit I am still trying to get rid of. I knew that I wasn't living on this planet to work. But writing wasn't work. It wasn't even a hobby. I is what I do. This is definitely a sign you are an your path. But the journey continues. with every day passing by, every night I spend on writing, researching, or just filling my head with knowledge I could maybe use for a movie later on, new stories started growing my mind. A little more every day. Writing was the only thing I ever invested so much in, that stopping would be a waste. So how can I become a screenwriter? How can a German country boy, make it in the business? He can't. Not yet. But after you spend all that energy, learn so much and sacrifice everything that might become a barrier some day, you can't just stop. I know deep down, If I don't make, I will never be happy. This happiness isn't about money. It isn't about fame. I just want to tell stories. Just want to share all those great adventures. Entertain people. Terrify them, make them laugh and make them cry. Change something. Help them, finding a way to come with me on my journey. To join me in those amazing dreams and escape reality together. This is my mission. This is my live. This is the reason, I was born. and it ain't over until I'm done.
I am just about to turn 19. And I know where I have to go. The City of Angels. The place where Time stands still, where Whiskey flows and always will -Hank Moody.
I am moving to Los Angeles in less than a year. The preparation is done, the money is saved. But the question remains. Am I ready yet? And still I don't know. All I have is trust. Even if my family keeps telling me to be normal, have a normal job and repeat their life. To go the save way. Even if there is a real fear, not to be taken seriously because of my age, my nativity, missing experience and impulsivity. But in the end I don't care. In the end it doesn't matter. In the end it is an advantage to have learned so much by myself. Because in the end, Wild horses run Faster.

Unique traits: -Young -Hungry for work -Ready to do what it takes to succeed -Creative -experienced in Boxing, MMA, Judo, Muay thai




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