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By Shadrach Winstead

GENRE: Action

On the street, the price of success is blood . Newark is brick city- tough and brutal- where money is tied to drugs , weapons and the will to use them. Can a young man , the son of a preacher, make it to the top- and stay alive .


The young boy came from a good church family stayed in a upper class house hold, something happen that took his family to the hood. The young man was not use to this kind of life, driven to lift his family up from hard times , he s resolved to do whatever it takes. He target the weak and the strong to take money from selling drugs to robbery, he make it happen. But he did not know that everyone is a target including him, the street took him , now he want the power , shad s beautiful girlfriend Katie has a killer s heart and fight furiously to defend him and his new crew. Latter that night a big man came and assaults Shad, later Shad and Katie track down his assailant and pumps round after round in to him , leaving him bleeding on the street at the feet of his friends. Shad wanted to get out but he got caught up in - blood for blood where at any moment he or the people he love could be killed. His parents pray that he will follow in their footsteps , embrace the family heritage within the church ; but Shad is torn between family loyalty and the money that the street can provide , money that could buy freedom and a way out of the hood. And there is Katie to consider. She is his core. He will kill for her , steal, or bleed- whatever it takes to protect and provide for her . She is the beauty in his world , the one true thing in his life . He trusts her with his secrets, his money - even his life . Shad hoots up with a high-flying couple from Boston. Karen and chill who need a steady supply of drugs and muscle to help with other problems. They promise heavy cash for right connection , then Shad goes to work. Reconnecting with tone an old friend , Shad find a trusted source for cocaine and heroin , the key to his biggest score ever with chill. A man from the projects , Coz, who bears a striking resemblance to Shad, is hired to carry out a pair of hits ; one is on an honest city councilman who poses a threat to corrupt officials- the other is on Shad. One of Shad closest friends , little man , tries to dissuade Coz and warns Shad. But Coz is violent to the core. He follows the assassination of the councilman with the rape and murder of a young woman . And he is on Shad trail.

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