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By Troy

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

A New York heiress has everything but love. Realizing she will always have to wonder if it is her or her money men are after, she divests herself of her possessions and moves to Texas in hopes of meeting "Mr. Right". She meets Gunter, a good ole boy who adores her. One day she sees identical twin Hunter on a date and assumes it is Gunter and her world is crushed. She abruptly leaves and returns to New York leaving a heartbroken Gunter. Will he ever figure out the mistaken identity and win her back?


New York heiress and socialite Veronica Pennyworth enjoys her "girl about town" reputation but it she realizes it just reminds men of her wealth. Are they after her or her money? She changes her look and name and moves to Texas. She takes a real job in hopes of blending in and meeting "Mr. Right". She meets Gunter and falls for him. One night out with friends, Veronica spots identical twin Hunter on a date and assumes it is Gunter since she has yet to meet his family.

Heartbroken, she returns to New York where a gossip columnist convinces her to star in a new reality show to find love. Gunter is confused why she left with no word but tries to get on with his life.

One night Gunter happens to catch the pre-finale show and recognizes her! He races to intervene before the final show films to win her back. Can he make it on time? Will she take him back or is it too late?

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