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By Troy

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

When faced with being financially cut off, Will Hoke changed the world "one million dollars at a time.


Will Hoke was born into money but he is a disappointment to his father, a well-connected Dallas attorney. Although he graduated from prestigious SMU, Will lacks the drive to be what his father expects, no demands that be continued among Dallas society. Although supported by a small trust fund, Will’s future appears to be in question. How much longer can he have the life of post-college fun, women and attending sports games?

It is one night after attending another basketball game that Will gets his epiphany. He convinces his friends to join him and create an international internet lottery. Pooling some money, the foursome set about to make millions via the internet in a remote location free from laws, their parent’s judgment and the IRS. Although Will insists that they must remain clandestine in their operation, it is imperative that no one ever know who they are. Have some fun, make some money and go back to Dallas on their own terms.

The lottery is a success! It’s a major success with people from all over the world becoming millionaires all thanks to the lottery operating from an old oil rig set 200 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. It is THE MONEY ISLAND.

The lottery grows beyond their wildest expectations. As the money rolls in, the foursome begin to get sloppy with Hollywood appearances and lavish parties thrown in foreign lands. The boys now are looking at becoming actual billionaires but now they have the attention of the IRS and the drug cartels who run the Gulf of Mexico.

Eventually, the IRS does learn the exact location of the operation. When approached by a cartel boatman, he asks who they are and why they are all dressed alike. He is told it is standard dress for US government workers.

Their charade is cracking and will the hour come when enough is enough and they shut down this venture? Will their identities be found out and they be apprehended or be at the mercy of the drug cartels? One night it all comes down to just that.

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