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By James P. Neblett

GENRE: Thriller

A young girl murdered by a cunning and elusive serial killer returns to earth as her brother to deliver justice for her family... 15 years later.


A year and a bit...

That’s how long it’s been since Jamie, the beautiful and loving 15-year-old daughter of Michael and Georgia Hendricks, left this realm for another. And it wasn’t by natural causes.

Georgia is haunted by the memory of that day and finds it hard to simply function on a day-to-day basis. You see, Jamie had requested a ride to school on that fateful morning, but Georgia was running late for work.

But for that blasted meeting, Jamie would still be present, on this planet, surrounded by the love of her mom, dad, and little brother Jasper.

Jamie’s awful abduction and murder by the evil hand of a sadistic serial killer has left Georgia feeling responsible. If only she had truly listened to Jamie that morning. If only she could return to that day.

If only...

To ease the pain and move past the terrible memories, Georgia convinces Michael to have another child and eventually gives birth to... Connor.

Connor is a very special little boy, indeed. From the age of four, he has memories of another life: signs of having been on this planet before, though not as some stranger, but as his late sister Jamie. He even claims to be her.


Georgia starts to notice that Connor exhibits certain behaviours; such as the way Jamie had of twirling her gold chain and pendant around her fingers; the chain her boyfriend Brandon had given her, that was never found.

And how could Connor know Jamie’s name? Impossible. Georgia’s mom Betty suggests Connor could be a reincarnation of Jamie. So enter Bryce Waters, spiritual guru and best-selling author. Georgia and Michael visit Bryce

at his spiritual retreat to inquire about reincarnation. Bryce knows reincarnation is real and suggests Connor be hypnotised. During the session, Connor sees very disturbing images concerning Jamie and how she died, and just who was responsible. He calls the killer “The Monster.”

But by the age of fourteen Connor has a target: a local road worker: and he immediately appears to be guided by some unseen force to pursue the man.

He has memories of being inside The Monster’s house... horrible disgusting memories! But The Monster is onto him having witnessed himself being photographed by him. He and Connor have an altercation, which results in The Monster trying to kill him. But an invisible force, that Connor can’t explain, saves him in the last possible moment.

Connor now has the man right where he wants him; attempted murder of a child. He convinces his mom to go to the police, who at first do not believe Connor’s “out there” story of reincarnation. But after their own investigation, they finally arrest the man for attempted murder, and discover Jamie’s chain in the process... exactly where Connor told them it would be!

They find other evidence, too, bringing to an end the search for this elusive serial killer, who has evaded them for years. And all it took was the memories of a 14-year-old boy.


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