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By Krista Crawford

GENRE: Horror, Comedy

When an underachieving park ranger and her trainee discover a pack of aggressive, man-eating deer during a training session, they must step up and save the day when the rabid, zombified animals threaten their small town's annual Harvest Festival.


Relaxed and unflappable, Flynn has managed to underperform radiantly throughout her life and that’s how she likes it. She’s also the best Park Ranger the town has and a shoo-in for the Head Ranger when her boss Bruce retires. Problem is, she doesn’t want it. All Flynn wants to do is get through her day and maybe flirt with the pretty bartender for free drinks afterwards. Expecting just another day on the job, Flynn isn’t counting on having to attend a meet and greet with the Mayor, isn’t counting on having to train a new ranger, Parker, an enthusiastic young woman who oozes positivity, and she’s definitely not counting on being attacked by killer deer with a taste for humans.

The first sign something isn’t right is when Flynn and her trainee come across a young couple that spent the night in a tree after encountering a deer that is far from normal. Trying to get to the bottom of what happened to the campers as well as convincing her overeager partner that she doesn’t need to shoot or tase anyone, Flynn comes face to face with the deer herself as it returns and it’s not alone. Fearing an insane amount of paperwork if she lets the two campers get attacked by deer, Flynn attempts to draw the deer away from the campers so they can get to safety. The deer give chase as the rangers seek shelter in an abandoned cabin. They barely make it, the deer coming close to taking a bite out of Flynn, who swears off doughnuts. Stuck in the cabin, the two rangers discuss theories as to why the deer are attacking, with deer steroids coming out the clear winner.

Rescued by their boss, who struggles to believe their story, he nevertheless agrees to get a veterinarian to come out and take a look at the deer if the rangers can get one, which is easier said than done. Flynn and Parker reluctantly head back into the woods where they find the remains of something. Hoping it is in fact a deer and fearing another encounter with something in the woods, the rangers grab what they can and head back to the ranger station.

With the addition of Delaney, a college vet student looking for some extra credit, the rangers venture into the woods for a whole specimen this time. After finding a patch of unexplainable foliage growth that brings about more questions than answers and an epic battle between Flynn and one of the deer results in Flynn getting bit, the rangers finally have their sample after Parker, coming to the aid of her partner, shoots the deer with a flare gun, twice. It turns out that not even that can keep one of these deer down as the mangled deer comes back to life, attacks the rangers at the station and then escapes into town during the annual Harvest Festival.

Nothing screams small town festival like budding romance, skee-ball, funnel cake and killer zombie deer. Flynn, aided by one of Parker’s exceptional motivational speeches, finally accepts her role as a leader and heads into town to finish the fight once and for all as the deer have started attacking the festival goers. Unfortunately, they can’t save everyone and their boss is one of the casualties. Flynn is now the Head Ranger and with great power, comes great responsibility. She rallies Parker and Delaney and they finish off the deer. The Mayor, wounded in the attack, confesses he allowed illegal chemical testing to be done in the park, which had an obvious effect on the deer. Shortly after, Flynn, in her official capacity as Head Ranger, calls in the authorities to test and clean up the mess in the park, but have they gotten it all?

Nathaniel Baker

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Nathaniel Baker

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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