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  • A mi kis falunk

    A mi kis falunk (2017)
    Television (Comedy) Actor What is life in our little village like? Impossible situations, familiar characters, and a community where nothing works the way it should. Funny and emotional stories about people who the viewer will instantly become found of. And whom, we all know. Gyuri, the macho-man of the village. The mayor who spends public money on himself. Teca, the 'hot-girl' innkeeper, who serves expensive beer, but taps intrigue for free. Erika, the administrator who has been engaged for a millennium. Laci, the kind-hearted village fool who wants to be a mayor. Stoki, the policeman who does not even have a gun and only dreams about actual crimes. Janó, the veterinarian who treats people if there is no better choice. The priest, who captivates the heart of all local women. Common characters in uncommon situations. There is only one thing that is certain, everything is always more complicated than it should be.

  • Válótársak

    Válótársak (2015 - 2017)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Bálint Sáfár, the charming businessman has several affairs, and when his wife Zsófi - with whom he has two children - finds out about his infidelity, she breaks up with him. Bálint decides to move to one of his houses on sale. On the same day Bálint's subcontractor Joci, who renovates his houses, breaks up with his girlfriend Szonja and decides to stay at this same house. Joci has some serious issues in his private life. His girlfriend Szonja couldn't get pregnant for years, and after her hormone therapy, he just can't live with her anymore. Dávid Jakab, successful businessman realises that his wife, Tamara hates him and wants to get a divorce on their 16th anniversary. Dávid asks Bálint if he could stay at his house while he tries to save his marriage. The series follows these freshly-divorced guys' lives as they try to solve their relationship problems.

  • Neandertaler

    Neandertaler (2016)
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  • Memo

    Memo (2016)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor An ambitious psychiatrist is researching a strange and unique mental state: hypermnesia, first of all because he would like to help his amnesic father. When he finds a patient with hypermnesia, he decides to take him out of the mental hospital at his own risk and study him. An unusual relationship is formed between the two men, which starts to endanger the doctor's career, his marriage and even the patient himself.

  • Indián

    Indián (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor During the decades of communism in Eastern Europe, many kids wanted to be American Indians. Kids were amazed by novels as well as comics and western films. For some of them, longing for the Wild West was not even enough... Indian is based on a real story of the daydreamer Galambos in the 1970s somewhere in a Hungarian pioneer camp. Written by Balazs Simonyi

  • Haza kell vinni a Tibit

    Haza kell vinni a Tibit (2016)
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  • Szokj hozzá

    Szokj hozzá (2016)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A boy who dreams about becoming a successful businessman is studying hard at the library. With an important university exam to take, he must soon rush off to catch a train. But bored and with nothing to do, the librarian accuses him of underlining the books. The boy doesn't know if misses the train, through chain of coincidences he'll end up as a depressed ice-cream man.

  • Aranyélet

    Aranyélet (2015)
    Television (Action, Drama and Thriller) Actor A corrupt businessman and family man attempts to navigate his way through increasing domestic, legal, and financial problems.

  • Weekend

    Weekend (2015)
    Film (Thriller) Actor A hunting party of three in Transylvania. The carefree and rich people enjoying themselves. A shooting accident change the scene.

  • Kossuthkifli

    Kossuthkifli (2015)
    Television (Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, History and 1 More) Actor A 19th century road movie with "bejgli", a diligence, love, betrayal, and an informant network masked as a funeral service. Amadé Swappach, Kossuth's army major and her freshly eloped lover Estella set out on a journey with a chest full of "bejgli", a charioteer and a meddling countess to Debrecen to investigate a suspected capital treason. The strange quartet make haste to arrive at their destination on an arbitrarily sequestrated diligence. Unbeknownst to them, they are scoured after by a hearse, with half a day's lagging. Besides Swappach's father - head of the imperial espionage organization, impelled by vengeance - and Estella's sire - the pastry cook Demeter Vödricz, driven by care - another spy, Dalfalvi, is on board the "Pompes Funébres". On occasion the two chariots miss each other by mere hours, their passengers even spending the night in the same town - only in two different inns. The one thing both parties have in common, nevertheless, is that their journeys lead them ... Written by Rudolf, Péter

  • Fapad

    Fapad (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Kényszerszinglik

    Kényszerszinglik (2014)
    TV Movie (Family) Actor Add a Plot »

  • A láthatatlan seb

    A láthatatlan seb (2014)
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  • Munkaügyek

    Munkaügyek (2012 - 2014)
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  • Idegenek

    Idegenek (2014)
    Television (Short) Actor The Woman gets hastily on her way to meet Bernard in his pub - at night, after closing time. To her surprise, however, she only finds the Man there, who tells her, Bernard is not coming back. They engage in a conversation, and it turns out, that the Man just started working there that very day, and the Woman is in dire need of a certain package from Bernard. Soon, we start to realize, that no one is, who they claim to be. Written by Iván Kapitány

  • Megdönteni Hajnal Tímeát

    Megdönteni Hajnal Tímeát (2014)
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  • Szabadság különjárat

    Szabadság különjárat (2013)
    TV Movie (Drama and History) Actor 1956. Three Hungarian friends hijack a plane to escape from the Iron Curtain.

  • 100 Degrees Below Zero

    100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)
    Film (Action and Sci-Fi) Actor When a chain of volcanic eruptions rips through Europe, the enormous ash cloud blocks out the sun, plunging the continent into a new ice age. An American couple must find their kids and get them out of Paris before it freezes over.

  • The Lady Vanishes

    The Lady Vanishes (2013)
    TV Movie (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Returning home from the Balkans during the 1930s, Iris Carr boards a train. After a blow to the head Iris, is befriended by a Miss Froy - former governess to a family headed by a baroness travelling with her poorly sister and medical staff. When Miss Froy disappears everybody denies ever seeing her,claiming Iris mustve imagined Miss Froy, after the knock to the head. Only language student Max Hare is sympathetic and even he has doubts. When a German woman is produced and passed off as the missing lady, Max unwittingly becomes part of the plot to dissuade Iris from her search for the truth. Written by don @ minifie-1

  • Choice

    Choice (2012)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama and Romance) Actor A woman is faced with making a life or death choice. Which will she choose?

  • The Chronicler

    The Chronicler (2012)
    Film (Short, Action and Thriller) Actor History is written by the winners. The Chroniclers write the truth.

  • Szájhösök

    Szájhösök (2012)
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  • Hogy akik alusznak, gyerekek

    Hogy akik alusznak, gyerekek (2012)
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  • El ángel de Budapest

    El ángel de Budapest (2011)
    TV Movie Actor The real story of Angel Sanz-Briz, the Spanish Embassy diplomat in Budapest, who in 1944 acting on their own saved more than 5,000 Jews from the Holocaust. To get it granted them passports and visas stating that Sephardic Jews were entitled to Spanish nationality to be descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled by the Catholic Monarchs, although the 5,200 Jews whose life he saved, only about 200 were of Sephardic origin. Written by fleischman-49779

  • Mindenki boldog

    Mindenki boldog (2011)
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  • Casino

    Casino (2011)
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  • La Rafle

    La Rafle (2010)
    Film (Drama, History and War) Actor 1942. Joseph is eleven. And this June morning, he must go to school, a yellow star sewn on his chest. He receives the support of a goods dealer. The mockery of a baker. Between kindness and contempt, Jo, his Jewish friends, their families, learn of life in an occupied Paris, on the Butte Montmartre, where they've taken shelter. At least that's what they think, until that morning on July 16th 1942, when their fragile happiness is toppled over. From the Vélodrome D'Hiver, where 13 000 Jews are crammed, to the camp of Beaune-La-Rolande, from Vichy to the terrace of the Berghof, La Rafle follows the real destinies of the victims and the executioners. Of those who orchestrated it all. Of those who trusted them. Of those who fled. Of those who opposed them. Every character in this film has existed. Every event, even the most extreme, transpired on that summer of 1942. Written by Happy_Evil_Dude

  • Géniusz, az alkimista

    Géniusz, az alkimista (2010)
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  • Itt vagyok

    Itt vagyok (2010)
    Film (Short) Actor Viktor can't sleep, so he wanders around in the city. He meets various friends as well as strangers. He is looking for something. Just like the rest of us.

  • Halálkeringö

    Halálkeringö (2010)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Actor A long-lost retired father comes for a visit to his daughter and as both of them are detectives they begin to investigate each-other. Dark secrets come to surface mixed with life-threatening love triangle.

  • Állomás

    Állomás (2009)
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  • Tréfa

    Tréfa (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actor It is 1912 and war looms on the horizon. The school year begins in a boarding school run by priests. Zoltán's father, is one of the masters and struggling with questions that challenge their faith, while waiting for news of his brother, Titanic passenger, and is a particularly problematic group of new students, many of whom have been fond increasingly heavy play each other jokes. The arrival of Father Weigl, hired to teach physical education, will bring alarming consequences.

  • A veinhageni rózsabokrok

    A veinhageni rózsabokrok (2007)
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  • Nitro

    Nitro (2006)
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  • Jóban rosszban

    Jóban rosszban (2005)
    Television (Drama) Actor Everything suddenly changed in Csillagkut. The life grows up in this tiny Budapest-agglomeration town. Everybody creates new gossips about Peter Pongracz, who give up his American welfare and career, because to establish a new hospital. Actually: in Csillagkut. He gets the old castle and converted to a hospital which costs lot of. Anybody who were here can see how the hospital beautiful. But not everybody likes Pongracz, especially the local entrepreneur and restaurant-owner Elod Varnagy. He had something else to do with the castle and the well. And he experienced that not everything can be bought by money. Written by TV2

  • Stop Mom Theresa!

    Stop Mom Theresa! (2004)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor Kata, in her 20s, loses her boyfriend and her job on the same day. She's been indulging in fantasies of a more thrilling romantic life, and the cold water of being alone and unemployed doesn't entirely dampen her imagination. She's egged on by three girlfriends who get together to talk about men and sex. Kata has possibilities: she meets David, a medical student; there's Tamás, a stranger on a train who might be good for a relationship and a job. There's also Miki, her brother who's had serious drug problems. Is fulfillment within her grasp? Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

  • Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde?

    Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde? (2004)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Romance) Actor The film tells the true story of a young couple 'The Hungarian Bonnie & Clyde'.

  • Föpróba

    Föpróba (2003)
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  • Lili

    Lili (2003)
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  • Max

    Max (2002)
    Film (Drama and War) Actor Munich, 1918. German-Jew Max Rothman has returned to much of his pre-war life which includes to his wife Nina and their two children, to his mistress Liselore von Peltz, and to his work as an art dealer. He has however not returned to being an aspiring painter as he lost his dominant right arm during the war. He is approached by an aspiring painter, a thirty-year old Austrian war veteran named Adolf Hitler, who wants him to show his works. Although he doesn't think the paintings are all that original and he doesn't really like Hitler as a person, Rothman takes Hitler under his wings if only because of their camaraderie of being war veterans, and knowing that Hitler had nothing and no one to come back to after the war unlike himself. Rothman believes that Hitler has promise if only he can find his original artistic point of view. In part out of need for money, Hitler, on the urging of Captain Karl Mayr, agrees to work for the army as a political spokesman in anti-Semitic propaganda. ... Written by Huggo

  • I Love Budapest

    I Love Budapest (2001)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actor This film is about seduction, bad decisions and a world where things are out of place. What can a young man learn in a place where he does not belong; to which he was lured by others or by his false dreams. Can one keep one's inner harmony in a foreign place, where one cannot live according to one's own standards? Four youths are the protagonists of this film. One couple feels at home in this world; they look nice, want to get rich, drive an expensive car and wear expensive clothes. The other girl wears clumsy shoes, daydreams constantly, and dates a klutzy security guard with torn underwear. Such characters cross our path every day, but we pass them unaware. We know they are born losers. But now they are the protagonists and we have to pay attention to them. A modern tale, emotional and ironic, today in Budapest in the year 2000. Written by Gábbbor <gabbbor@freemail.hu>

  • Nincsen nekem vágyam semmi

    Nincsen nekem vágyam semmi (2000)
    Film (Drama) Actor A young man lives in rural Hungary with his girlfriend Mari. Also on the scene is her homosexual brother. Mari doesn't know that when the two men go to work in the city they raise cash by turning tricks and burglarizing houses. A love triangle begins... Written by Anonymous

  • A leghidegebb éjszaka

    A leghidegebb éjszaka (2000)
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