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About Francine

Producing stories to touch the heart, make the audience feel and think.
Acting from a place of stillness, easily transitioning to intense drama.
Reel stories about real people, raw and redemptive.
Recurring on Nashville as Sandra Barkley (Avery's mom). Actual beekeeper, avid gardener, even a runner!

Unique traits: Neutral (midwest) accent, authentic southern



  • Mine 9

    Mine 9 (2018)
    Film (Action, Drama and Thriller) Actress Two miles into the earth, nine Appalachian miners struggle to survive after a methane explosion leaves them with one hour of oxygen to go.

  • Modern Prodigal

    Modern Prodigal (2017)
    Film (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Order of Rights

    Order of Rights (2017)
    Film (Drama) Actress The Order of Rights is a pro-life film that is in pre-production. The story centers around Emma Stein, a pregnant single girl who has been advised by her mother to have an abortion. Despite the objection of the child's father, Ethan Carpenter, and his promise to help her, she decides to go ahead with the procedure. When Ethan and his family file a lawsuit on behalf of the child's right to life, the drama escalates as Emma's mother, Kerri, contacts a friend in the Associated Press. Before long, the case is mired in media frenzy. The court has to decide whether the child in Emma's womb is a person or not, and if so, if it is endowed with the unalienable rights as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. The title, "Order of Rights" refers to the order in which the categories of rights are deliberately listed in the document: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Written by James Ball

  • Inseparable

    Inseparable (2017)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actress Twists and turns, layers slowly peeled away as a woman searches for her missing memory, her lost daughter, and secrets to be revealed.

  • The Sacred Eternal: 1st Movement Overture

    The Sacred Eternal: 1st Movement Overture (2017)
    TV Movie (Family) Actress Life. Death. Resurrection. A marriage suffering from religious differences and strife. A husband struggling with depression and regret. A wife determined to teach her husband the ways of God. Witness a 1,000-year odyssey from past to future, from present age to the Messianic Age, where one man is taught by his wife the power of forgiveness and the glory of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

  • Dead Channels

    Dead Channels (2017)
    Film (Short and Horror) Producer The horror film on your TV is getting to you....but you can't change the channel.

  • Trew Calling

    Trew Calling (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Actress My name is Trew; this is the story of how I got a visit from the almighty and he asks me to write down everything he says. Its simple He spoke, I freaked, the unbelievable happened.

  • The Remember Box

    The Remember Box (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Christmas Ranch

    Christmas Ranch (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actress A rebellious girl is sent to stay on her grandmother's horse ranch for Christmas. She falls into friendship with her grandmother's pony and becomes determined to help save the ranch from foreclosure.

  • Halt and Catch Fire

    Halt and Catch Fire (2016)
    Television (Drama) Actress Set in the 1980s, this series dramatizes the personal computing boom through the eyes of a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy whose innovations directly confront the corporate behemoths of the time. Their personal and professional partnership will be challenged by greed and ego while charting the changing culture in Texas' Silicon Prairie. Written by AMC

  • The Originals

    The Originals (2016)
    Television (Drama, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery) Actress A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and set in New Orleans, The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world's original vampires: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt). Now Klaus must take down his protégé, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to re-take his city, as he originally built New Orleans. Klaus departed from the city after being chased down by his father Mikael, while it was being constructed and Marcel took charge. As Klaus has returned after many years, his ego has provoked him to become the king of the city. "Every King needs an heir" says Klaus, accepting the unborn child. The child is a first to be born to a hybrid (part vampire, part werewolf) and a werewolf (Hayley). Written by Anaya Miller

  • Nashville

    Nashville (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Drama, Music and Romance) Actress Set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene, the new drama revolves around a 40-year-old superstar Rayna Jaymes, whose star begins fading. She is forced to team up with Juliette Barnes on tour in order to maintain her label's support for her latest record, whose sales have been underwhelming. Written by Max Axall

  • In Gramps' Shoes

    In Gramps' Shoes (2014)
    Film (Family) Actress After 20 years of praying for his daughter to let him back into her life, a 65-year-old Ty gets his wish when the prodigal requests his help in dealing with a financial bind and her rebellious teenage son. Ty's first encounter with his grandson, whom the grandfather has never met, leads to a challenge for a two mile race that alters the course of life of the young man as well as the grandfather. Written by Donald James Parker

  • My Dream Beside Me

    My Dream Beside Me (2014)
    Film (Romance) Actress Paul Rich and Mary Kay Slesinger Rich. At 84 years young Paul lost his wife of 66 years - Mary Kay was married for 34 years and she was left a widow when she was in her mid 60s. After a few years Paul and Mary Kay met and fell in love. This union of marriage is a testimony that people can be strong, vital and full of life at any age. Paul and Mary Kay prove that love can last a lifetime. Written by Anonymous

  • Stand Your Ground

    Stand Your Ground (2013)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actress When Jackie Carpenter's (Francine Locke) son, Jason (Drew Matthews), is accused of murder she fights against the odds to free him; but when the prosecution (Sandra W. Van Natta) seeks a life sentence, both Jackie's and Jason's world spins into turmoil sending them on parallel journeys of wavering faith and tentative hope. STAND YOUR GROUND is the true story of a cry for justice and of tragedy, trust and triumph. "Stand Your Ground" will put your faith on trial as the journey of Jackie Carpenter bridges the gap between Cell Block A and a miracle. Written by Anonymous

  • Necessary Roughness

    Necessary Roughness (2013)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress A Long Island psychotherapist's personal life unravels when she finds her husband cheating. Diving fully into her work, Dr. Dani Santino soon finds herself as the most sought-after therapist for high-profile clients. Athletes, entertainers, politicians, and others living in the spotlight clamor for her unique brand of tough love therapy during their moments of crisis. Although her career is reenergized, it wreaks havoc on her life as a newly minted single mom of two teenagers. Written by USA Network Publicity

  • Can You Hear Me Now

    Can You Hear Me Now (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress In a world where getting lost in the madness of self-indulgence and neglect runs rampant, Kevin Miller (Andrew Jacob DeHart) is about to reach the ultimate breaking point. Unseen and Unheard by his father (Walt Sloan) and tormented by his peers, it often seems that his Mother (Francine Locke) is the only person who truly hears him. When she grows powerless to cradle her own child safely in a cruel world, Kevin contemplates putting an end to his own existence and leaving behind the words that he can only express to his diary. In a true coming of age story written and directed by Daryle Moore, only one question remains: Can You Here Me Now? Written by Daryle Moore

  • Last Call of Duty

    Last Call of Duty (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress "Last Call of Duty" is a SAG Signatory Short Film which tells the story of 25 Year Police Veteran, Daniel Howell; and the highlights of his last day on the job before retiring. The story focuses on the highlights of Officer Howell's life, his family, and some emotional guilt he has carried throughout his career. Written by Darren W. Conrad

  • Pinky Promise

    Pinky Promise (2012)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Breaking

    Breaking (2011)
    Film by Experience Studios/G. Voelker Liz Raines/Supporting

  • True Tale Monsters

    True Tale Monsters (2011)
    Film by TTM/M. Tomita Sarah/Lead

  • Opportunity Jones

    Opportunity Jones (2010)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Stealing Home

    Stealing Home (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Mark Harmon is a washed-up baseball player who is called back home to handle the ashes of his childhood sweetheart and first love (Jodie Foster) who had committed suicide. As he searches for what to do with the ashes, he remembers the past relationship they had, and in doing so he finds himself again. Written by R.Williams

  • More Than Abel

    More Than Abel (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Family Law

    Family Law (2009)

  • Early Edition

    Early Edition (1997 - 1999)
    Television (Drama, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actress What would you do if tomorrow's paper came to your door today? If you knew that you were going to die? Be lucky in love unlucky in life? That's what Gary Hobson has to ask himself every day. Gary Hobson is a stockbroker that got fired from his job and his wife found him uninteresting and kicked him out. You see it's quite simple. Everyday an orange cat comes to his door with the paper (a Chicago Sun Times). Gary doesn't know where it comes from. He did a bit of research and found out that a man named Lucis Snow, was an old typesetter and he had the paper before Gary. The day after Snow died, the paper came to Gary. Gary has two friends. Chuck Fishman, who has been best buds with Gary since college. Chuck wants Gary to give him the scores of games, winning lotto numbers, stocks, or even soap opera tips. Marrisa is Gary's blind friend who helps Gary make all the right choices. Written by Anonymous

  • Crime Story

    Crime Story (1986)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Chicago, 1963. As head of the police department's Major Crime Unit, Lieutenant Michael Torello must deal with the city's most dangerous criminals. And possibly the most dangerous of all is Ray Luca, a young ambitious street hood who's out to gain wealth and power by whatever means - including theft, threats, extortion and murder. As Luca begins his ruthless climb up the ladder of organized crime, leaving a growing number of victims in his wake, Torello becomes more and more determined to bring him down. Written by Eugene Kim <>

  • Risky Business

    Risky Business (1983)
    Film (Comedy, Crime, Drama and Romance) Actress A suburban Chicago teenager's parents leave on vacation, and he cuts loose. An unauthorised trip in his father's Porsche means a sudden need for lots of money, which he raises in a creative way. Written by Jon Reeves <>

  • Daughters

    Film (Drama and Family) Actress Joel and Megan Graham have been happily married for almost 20 years. High school sweethearts since freshman year, they knew they were meant to be together. Just two years into their marriage, they were blessed with their first baby daughter, Genie. It was always Joel's dream to have a son, so they kept trying. After two more daughters, they decided that having a son just wasn't meant to be. So they settled into their lives as parents to three beautiful daughters. Over the last year, however, Joel and Megan have been getting tested at every turn. Genie has become an out of control, rebellious teen. Ten year old Katie has been having trouble in school, having issues with anger management and she can't seem to control her temper. Three year old Sidney always seems to be sick. We are told that God will never give us more then we can handle. The Grahams are about to find out that He will always test the limits of what we can handle. The greatest thing a person can be in life is a parent. ... Written by Chip Rossetti

  • Finding Josef

    Finding Josef
    Film (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Klippers

    Film (Action, Drama and Thriller) Actress An assassin is sent by his psychotic employer, to kill his ex-wife. In his quest to accomplish his task, he becomes familiar with his target, making his mission difficult. Now, he must face the consequences of his actions.


  • Best Actress (nom)-Gideon-True Tale Monsters

  • Best Supporting (nom) -168 Project, Stealing Home

  • Best Actress-Gideon-Family Law

  • Best Supporting(nom)-168 Project, Breaking

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