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By Chris Weigl

GENRE: Comedy, Experimental, Historical
LOGLINE: Living History is a show about historical re-enactors who, upset with the current political environment, decide to run for office as the founding fathers. They live their life in contemporary America as they believe the founding fathers would were they alive today.


Living History explores three primary ideas. 1) The past comes Alive Who hasn’t wondered what the founders would think of America today? Everyone has an idea as to who the founders were and what they stood for; Living History takes those ideas and puts them into action. This is a show that takes an idea that everyone has wondered about and challenges the viewers to re-think their preconceived notions and stereotypes of the past. Living History provides a prism with which to look at everyday life. The founders were like any other American citizen, they worked hard, they played hard, and they made mistakes. It’s easy to think that we’re the only ones who’ve made mistakes in life, but Living History shows us that we’re all human, despite whatever pre-dispositions may exist. 2) Change We all say we want something different. But do our actions match our rhetoric? Hardly. The founders are faced with a foe who wants to modernize their small community. Rather than embrace the opportunity or use this opportunity to their advantage, the founders fight the system. They believe that in fighting another man’s ideas that they are upholding their own system of values and they eventually come to the realization that one man’s idea is another man’s worst nightmare. What happens when people who are idolized and worshiped take a very human form? Must the actors attempt to live up to the high ideals set forth by modern civilization or should they merely conform to our modern way of life? Living History sets forth not to answer these questions, but to debate them in a manner that is both humorous and realistic. Living History shows us that choices can’t be black and white and that there are always consequences to our actions, no matter how good our intentions. 3) Friendship The old saying goes that: “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.” But, what if you couldn’t pick either? What’s unique about Living History is that it explores the ideas of family and friendship from a completely original point of view. In Living History, everyone’s lives are cast by someone else. They don’t get to pick their friends, their families, and in some cases, their enemies. Forced to deal with a lack of choices, these figures become absorbed in a world where neither the past nor the present exists in a pure form. The founders must choose between the ideas of their historical counterparts or the ideas that contemporary society has judged to be right or wrong. Living History is something that we do every day, by understanding our past, we’re better able to understand the present and make better choices in the future.


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