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By Chris Candelario

GENRE: Drama

Adobe Rose and her two partners D’Shuan and Zemz hunt down the worst of the worst law breaking monsters, bringing the high profile drug lords and mass murderers to justice


At the height of a 4th of July celebration, Adobe Rose and her half-brother, Salvador, play with other children around the Plaza de Taos.

The Veiled Woman, Azia, and her two thugs kidnap Salvador, leaving his younger half-sister devastated by the loss.

Twenty years later: in Los Angeles as a young adult, Adobe Rose (20s, smart, young Jessica Alba-type) bounty hunts down the most dangerous drug monsters she can track with her two crime fighters, the x-NFL linebacker, D’Shuan (30s, rugged, Michael Strahan-type), and the warrior monk, Zemz (30s, Jet Li-type).

Now an older Veiled Woman, Azia, contacts Adobe Rose to offer her substantial bounty rewards to hunt down her competition, the worst of the worst crime bosses across the globe. At the end of the exceedingly dangerous tasks, the old woman will reveal where Adobe Rose can find her half-brother Salvador.

With Boy Scout naivety, the Interpol agent from New Zealand, Robert Christchurch, (30s, boyishly rugged, Dwayne Cameron-type) receives the assignment to track down Adobe Rose and her accomplices and muzzle them before any civilians get hurt.

First, Adobe Rose and her partners go to Paracho, Mexico and capture Jefe Gordo, the pig of one of the worst cartels. With a successful capture, the bounty hunters turn over the drug lord to the towns’ people where they extract their own special brand of justice.

On a beach in Puerto Rico, Agent Christchurch catches up with Adobe Rose, but bodyguards keep him beyond arm’s length. Later that evening, she and her crew attend a gala event with the sole purpose to apprehend Maarten La Plata, a drug lord and serial killer of women.

In Copenhagen Denmark, Adobe Rose revels in taking down the sex slave trafficker, Guta Percha, and each assignment draws her closer to realizing her family reunion with her half-brother, Santiago.

Christchurch’s bosses at Interpol give him the ultimatum to capture Adobe Rose and her confederates, or they will pull him off the case. They grow increasingly annoyed that their boy scout makes no headway in tracking down the international kidnappers who cause general mayhem in every country where they make an appearance.

In their most dangerous assignment, the trio travels to the blood diamond capital of the world, Sierra Leon, to corral one of the most ruthless villains in Africa, Emperor Jumbalia. In the process of a successful takedown, the trio saves the teenage girl Mali, but Adobe Rose gets critically wounded.

The pilot of the group, D’Shuan, flies Adobe to a trauma hospital in Monrovia Liberia, where she lies near death. When Christchurch shows up to finally nab his subjects of interest, she and her crime-fighting pals have disappeared, but now he learns of their destination, New York City because D’Shuan’s family will protect Mali.

Christchurch comes to understand that Adobe Rose, D’Shuan, and Zemz are not in this fight for the money, but rather a crusade against evil. The Interpol agent realizes that now the bad guys will start targeting Adobe Rose, and he feels it become his job to protect her at all costs. But his Interpol boss dismisses him of his duties, but he forges on to Southeast Asia, which will be the trio’s next crime-fighting stop.

The Myanmar drug kingpin Tsao, of the Golden Heroin Triangle, eliminated Zemz’ family when he was a child. Now the warrior monk employs a personal revenge in their next assignment. In a gun battle, Robert Christchurch gets shot and taken to a Buddhist monastery.

Adobe Rose realizes that the Interpol Agent just may be the infatuation of her life. She tells him that with her last assignment to meet her in the country where there’s no extradition, the Marshall Islands. The Veiled Older Woman, Azia, directs Adobe Rose to find Salvador in Venezuela, but to her dismay, her half-brother has become the leader of his own cartel.

When Adobe Rose reaches Salvador a fierce rivalry rages between his Loyalist and the main rivals, Bolero and his traitors. Now her family reunion turns into a rescue mission. When the smoke clears and she and her half-brother reunite, the bounty hunter seeks out some well-deserved vacation time. She and her posse go their separate ways

Adobe Rose and Robert Christchurch meet on a beach in the Marshall Islands, but later that night, Salvador interrupts their romantic interlude telling his sister that his grandmother, Azia, holds their father captive in China and a second rescue mission commences.


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