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By Kuhle Sikota

GENRE: Comedy

After contaminating themselves with a dangerous chemical on a trip to New York, followed by a wild-goose chase around the city. Three South African daring teenagers are listed by the NY police as one of the most wanted men in America. In an attempt to clear their names, they make the biggest party in history.


THE THREE DUDES” is a modern comedy set in a present day New York City in summer. Utilizing a limited number of claustrophobic sets, there’s a moderate need for stunts, it requires no special effects.

THE THREE DUDES” is the story of three South African courageous teenagers who struggle to clear their names after accidentally drinking a chemical which turns them into over spirited lunatics. This leads the police to listing them as one of the most wanted men In America. Ben JAMES, WILLIAM and DEXTER JACKSON are best friends. Ben is the older and he keeps the other two out of trouble. He falls in love with Chloe a beautiful young teenager. William is a ladies man and party animal. Dexter is the smart germephoebe who doesn’t get along with other “normal” people other than his friends. He has to be constantly watched. GUNNAR is a Russian mob boss who tries to smuggle a very “dangerous” chemical if diluted in the water system could make Americans look like wild goose on the loose. SASHA is a policeman whose mission is to get Gunnar behind bars but he is distracted by the three trouble makers.

William takes Gunnar’s bag in a flawed attempt to fly a bottle of brandy to New York. Gunnar goes on a mission to find the boys after his plan of trying to smuggle a dangerous chemical using an alcohol container back fires. Under the influence of the “drink” the boys make the “illegal” legal in a wild goose chase all over New York. The police flag them as fugitives, but they enjoy the experience and get used to it. They develop hilarious behaviors and want to make the biggest party in the history of America and the entire world

Every time they ditch the police they are rated “more dangerous”. But their unity mixed with their ”new” love for extreme fun creates an unstoppable team, Dexter’s genius gets them out of trouble using basic humor and creative edgy tense moments. Ben falls in love with Chloe but looses contact with her and tries to find her. William and Dexter are captured by Gunnar and there is a shoot out with Sasha’s team, Gunnar escapes.

They convince Katy Perry to perform at their party and Ben finally finds Chloe. In an attempt to make this a remarkable event across the earth the boys make a decision that changes everything; their lives and New York City.

In the aftermath the boys plan to leave the country but they are stopped by the FBI. Gunnar is captured and they boys are let go.

In the airport they meet their fans and are adored and applauded by everyone. This gives them more confidence. They leave America as the guys who made the biggest party in history, Legends.


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