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By Kevin Bolger

GENRE: Crime, Drama

A detective with a dark alter-ego, must tread carefully when a closet right-wing group begin to take the law into their own hands.

Script by request only.


Forrest Bagnal (aka Gump) is a Detective Inspector at Scotland Yard, he is also part of clandestine group of powerful individuals including senior politicians.

The members are unaware that Forrest is also the trigger-man. Before he started his double life, he had previously killed the man responsible for the death of his partner Jonathan Dales, a crime he committed five years prior, a crime he got away with, a crime that literally haunts him.

The group are determined to rid the country of its most unwanted elements, the under-belly of society and Forrest; using his position, is well placed to help carry this out.

The group however are unaware of exactly who is carrying out the hits.

The story begins with Forrest confirming the next hit. During which he finds a connection to a long time friend and group member.

We meet DC Laura Davies, his new assistant. She is ambitious, very astute and an MMA cage fighter. Laura eases herself gently into the role to begin with then,

begins to delve a little deeper into Forrest’s life, and his case history.

Damien Wright; an ex soldier who is finding it difficult to adjust back into

civilian life, accidentally discovers the list.

Damien thinks he has been given an assignment from the Government.

When Damien kills an Imam; well known for hate-preaching towards the Jewish and gay

communities, Forrest has his work cut out to find the killer and retain his

anonymity within the group.

Donald Dominguez

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Pamela Bolinder

A detective with a dark alter-ego and his loyal assistant try to stay a step ahead of closet right-wing vigilantes.

Pamela Bolinder

Vigilante movies tend to do well =)

Kevin Bolger

written as a spec pilot, episode 2 is a quarter done.

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