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By Michael E Droberg

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A crippled warship carrying a world-conquering race of aliens crashes on an Earth-like planet, where the inhabitants are still living in a medieval age and their primitive weapons are no match for the invading warriors, but a brave prince leads the fight to save his people.


A huge warship carrying an army of world-conquering Mactorii warriors enters the atmosphere of the Earth-like planet Aalteris, but immediately begins to break apart in the wake of internal explosions. On the planet’s surface, the population are still living in a medieval epoch and King Weston and his son, Prince Alden, are hoping the phenomenon in the skies above is merely a meteor. Eager to prove his mettle, Alden leads twenty soldiers to investigate and they are confronted by Mactorii warriors, including their Praetorian leader, Ryloz. He proceeds to annihilate the indigenous warriors and Alden is lucky to escape with his life. Meanwhile, the Mactan warship’s science officer was behind the sabotage onboard and helped some diverse prisoners escape. One of them, a chameleon-fighter named Falyn, forms an alliance with the humans after another battle leaves King Weston and most of his army dead. Now, with Mactan weapons provided by Falyn, Alden and a band of plucky survivors plan to make a stand against the invaders and take the fight right to them.

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