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By Michael E Droberg

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: In the year 2030, civilization has collapsed and it hasn’t rained in years, but there’s a rain-making machine in the clutches of a deranged religious cult, so an ex-professor who has been searching for his missing daughter is recruited to lead a team of “Knights” to recover the world-saving device.


A 40-something, ex-professor, Jake wanders the wasteland of America’s southwest in his Ford Bronco, scraping and surviving in the wake of civilization’s collapse. The land is barren because it hasn’t rained in over 10 years. But Jake’s hunt for food, water, and gas is less important to him than something else he seeks. Shortly after “the fall,” his wife Carla was murdered by bandits and his 5 year-old daughter Miranda was taken captive. Ever since then, he has roamed the land searching for her. After a bar fight sees him gun down several members of the Los Lobos gang, Jake frees two “Knights” who belong to a band of survivors who reside in what they called the Fortress. Jake has the men take him there and it turns out to be a settlement of scientists, doctors, teachers, etc. Their leader, Solomon, offers Jake a deal – if he helps recover the Velar Machine (which can make rain), he will take Jake to his daughter. Jake accepts the deal and sets out with several Knights in a 6-wheeled armored vehicle. The Velar Machine is in the clutches of a deranged religious cult, Moloch 666, and getting it back will involve some fireworks.

Rutger Oosterhoff

Real good idea. I would guess you got inspired by Kate Bush "Cloud Busting".

Rutger Oosterhoff

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Michael E Droberg

I'm a big fan of the original Mad Max movies and the Fallout video games series. I think my idea was inspired by that. I'll have to check out "Cloud Busting" though.

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