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By Cole J. Davis

GENRE: Drama, Film-noir, Sci-fi, War
LOGLINE: Change comes about through the narrow lens of a camera.


Ifan, Cora and Myra discuss the transformative power of art. …


SC7. INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT - VANCOUVER - 5080 [IFAN FENCIS IS SAT AT A TABLE. A GREY METAL WATER FOUNTAIN IS SET NEARBY IN THE CENTRE OF THE ROOM. WE SEE THE VIEW OF IFAN’S TABLE THROUGH A WINDOW FROM THE STREET. ACROSS FROM IFAN IS SAT CORA FENCIS. NEXT TO IFAN, ON HIS RIGHT IS SAT CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE. IFAN, CORA AND MYRA HAVE PLATES OF ASPARAGUS AND HONEYED NECTARINES AND PINEAPPLE.] CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE “I need to find a new research intern, now that you’ve seconded Liz Carnegie.” IFAN FENCIS “Sorry about that, let’s just say she’s a family friend and leave it at that.” CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE , “Are you enjoying Canada, Cora?” CORA FENCIS “This end of it, definitely. Must have been here before, in another life.” CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE “Definitely.” IFAN FENCIS “I hope you don’t mind, feel free not to answer if you’d prefer not to Myra. I know people have different views on the quantum network uplinks. Have you had the memory grafts, connecting you consciously to your former lives?” CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE “I have. I worked here in the city with the Commonwealth Protection Bureau twice. First as Emily during the original inception of the Organization in the early twentieth century, then as Rebecca Jones at the end of the century.” IFAN FENCIS “Of course. Do you remember me?” CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE “Should I?” IFAN FENCIS “Like Cora said, must have been here before.” [UNDER THE TABLE, WE SEE IFAN TEXTING CORA ON HIS E-READER. CORA’S BLACK VINYL PURSE MAKES AN S.O.S. BEEP. CORA RETRIEVES HER E-READER. CORA GLANCES AT THE MESSAGE APP. IFAN HAS SENT - ‘MUST BE THROWN OFF THE SCENT DUE TO OUR TEMPORAL DISPLACEMENT.’ CORA RETURNS THE E-READER TO HER PURSE.] IFAN FENCIS “I’ve read the historic job performance reviews for that era. Cole Billington really must not have noticed the connection between the two women at all. By all accounts, he was bonkers about Emily, and yet he despised Rebecca.” CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE “I think the fact that Emily died of the flu, somehow that led to Cole deciding on a subconscious level never to open his heart to her being again. He didn’t want to mourn her a second time.” IFAN FENCIS “That makes sense. He was miserable over Cecil’s passing, and he adored Emily.” [UNDER THE TABLE, WE SEE CORA’S HAND INTERTWINED WITH IFAN’S.] CORA FENCIS “Have you been following the recent ideological battles over the ethical status of the quantum memory uplinks Myra? On the one hand, we’ve got traditionalists who say if God wanted us to remember our former lifetimes, we’d be born with the memories. Some go as far as to claim the quantum net memories are fictional lies created either by the Devil or by some power elite. I’m never quite sure what these people think this mythical power elite plan to do with these imaginary memories.” IFAN FENCIS “People have been making paranoid claims about some power elite playing mind games through the storytelling medium for thousands of years. Before the Pacific inundation of Los Angeles hundreds of years ago when the Hollywood infrastructure collapsed and the film industry moved en-mass to Cardiff; kooks claimed the entertainment industry was run by Satan. Of course, Britain didn’t fair any better in those folks eyes, as they accused the BBC of using subliminal images pointing to the Illuminati.” CORA FENCIS “I never got that either, visual story telling is all about the messages we tell ourselves, the messages we want to communicate amongst groups, and the messages we want others to understand. If you don’t like the message being broadcast by a group of individuals, you always have the option of not watching the program. Unlike plot lines that disturb your sensibilities, due to violence or some such, silly things like the use of a pyramid or the all seeing eye are only there to unlock quantum memory codes in members of the artists’ soul clade.” CAPTAIN MYRA BAINBRIDGE “That truly shows us what the conspiracy theorists are afraid of. Art is about transformation, changing the world. At the heart of it all, the conspiracy theorists fear change, they want society to conform and stagnate. They’re Divisionists to their very core. They see respected artistes as a threat to their conformist view of life, because those with a wide viewership have a greater chance of instigating societal change on a micro level, individual to individual. If they’re very, very lucky, this eventually culminates in societal change on a macro level.” IFAN FENCIS “Of course, this societal change is all orchestrated behind the scenes from a source level, so when conformists enact a backlash to the forward movement of societal unity and diversity, the one their really rebelling against is God. I would not want to be on the man upstairs’ black list.”

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