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By Cole J. Davis

GENRE: Animation, Drama, Experimental, Fantasy, Film-noir, Horror, Independent, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller
LOGLINE: New life springs from the flames of the old.


Background to the world of The Ghost Wars, part 1. "Intro to The Ghost Wars"


SC1. INT. ART GALLERY - DAY [COLE JACOB BILLINGTON IS STOOD BEFORE A WHITE WALL. PAINT BRUSH IN HAND, COLE IS STOOD BEFORE A BLANK FRAMED CANVAS ATTACHED TO THE WALL.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “Before stepping into his own creation, God provided hints to his creative process for those who would follow in his stead.” [COLE BEGINS PAINTING. ALTHOUGH APPEARING TO USE THE PAINT BRUSH, IT IS THROUGH THE MIND THAT COLE BRINGS THE PAINTING TO LIFE. AN IMAGE OF A FIELD OF FLOWERS FORMS WITHIN THE FRAME. THIS BEGINS AS A LINE DRAWING IN GRAPHITE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “The Garconer were one of these hints. Archetypal creative directors, they acted as muse to their Human cousins. Not content to remain in the province of creative arts, guiding Humanity from the causal plane; the Garconer moved into the province of the sciences, creating a planetary civilization on the mental plane.” [THE GRAPHITE TRANSFORMS INTO PENCIL CRAYON.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “Elsewhere in time and space, a painting prodigy by the name of Cole Billington; a young man carrying recessive Garconer genes, resultant of an incident of trans dimensional travel five centuries earlier; tapped into his ancestors’ memory.” [THIS SHIFTS TO WATER COLOUR PAINTS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “From painting prodigy to best selling author to staff writer on a Welsh serial, Cole met the love of his life and greatest literary muse, Cecil Smith.” [THE IMAGE RESOLVES INTO A PHOTO.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “Cecil, a transgender man, brilliant in his field of linguistics; inspired Cole across the dimensions. Cecil, Kara, Cora; the three utterly unique in temperment, but each born of the original Cecil at the core.” [THE PHOTO TRANSFORMS INTO A VIDEO.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “But all stories need a villain and a redemptive arc.” [A SHADOW FALLS ACROSS COLE’S BROADSIDE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “At the eleven hour, the villain throws the game. Only the Game Master knew this was in the cards. The players were thrown into disarray, for good and for bad.” [COLE STEPS INTO THE PICTURE FRAME. COLE’S ARMS AND LEGS DISSOLVE. COLE DUCKS HIS HEAD INTO THE FIELD OF FLOWERS. WE SEE COLE STOOD IN THE FIELD THROUGH THE PICTURE FRAME. THE SHADOW STEPS INTO VIEW. THE SHADOW’S FORM IS THAT OF A TALL, SLIM MAN. WE SEE THE MAN, COMMANDER ABBADDON.] COMMANDER ABBADDON “I shall make you weep, you fishers of men. I shall have you beg for mercy, one day they’ll all know my name. Desolation in its extremity, destroyer of worlds, I shall weave my name through every nook and cranny in creation, sending reality crashing to a bloody halt. They shall know my name, they shall call me Abbaddon, usurper of the realm of life ever lasting.” [WE SEE COLE NOW STOOD IN A STILL SEPIA TONED PHOTOGRAPH. COMMANDER ABBADDON RETRIEVES A MATCHBOX FROM HIS POCKET. COMMANDER ABBADDON LIGHTS A MATCH.] COMMANDER ABBADDON “Like the phoenix rising from the flames of Herculaneum, I create a new world of my own design.” [COMMANDER ABBADDON PUTS THE MATCH TO THE PHOTOGRAPH. THE EDGES OF THE PHOTOGRAPH TURN TO ASH.] CUT TO: - SC2. INT. COLE’S CONDO - NIGHT - CARDIFF BAY - 2014 [POV. VIEW THROUGH LIVING ROOM WINDOW: HARBOUR VIEW. COLE ENTERS THE CONDO. CECIL SMITH, TRANSGENDER MAN, NON MEDICALLY TRANSITIONED, STEPS FROM THE KITCHEN FACING THE HARBOUR. CECIL HAS SHORT, CURLY BLONDE HAIR. CECIL WEARS A BROWN MEN’S DRESS SHIRT WITH CARAMEL SLACKS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Hello darling.” [COLE AND CECIL SHARE A PASSIONATE KISS.] CUT TO: - SC3. INT. CPB LOUNGE - DAY - VANCOUVER - 1928 [ROBERT CHU, LATE TWENTIES; IS STOOD IN THE CENTRE OF THE ROOM. NEXT TO ROBERT ARE STOOD DOCTOR GILLES FONTAINE, LATE FORTIES, AND DETECTIVE CALVIN EDWARDS, LATE THIRTIES. CECIL SMITH IS STOOD TO CALVIN’S LEFT. CECIL WEARS A GREY CAP, AN OFF WHITE HUDSON BAY SWEATER, DRAPED WITH A PALE RED KNIT SCARF OVER ARMY REGULATION TROUSERS.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “My Cecil, he was a true gentleman.” [STOOD IN FRONT OF THE TABLE IS MAGGIE RUTLEDGE, MID THIRTIES. COLE ENTERS FROM THE CORRIDOR. COLE’S EYES CONNECT WITH CECIL’S.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “Hello.” CECIL SMITH “Hello.” [COLE AND CECIL CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT. ROBERT, GILLES AND CALVIN MOVE ASIDE, ALLOWING COLE AND CECIL TO GET A BETTER LOOK AT ONE ANOTHER. GRINNING WIDELY, COLE EXTENDS A HAND.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON “I’m Captain Cole Billington, you are?” [CECIL SHAKES COLE’S HAND.] CECIL SMITH “Cecil Smith, sir.” CUT TO: - SC4. EXT. EAST HASTINGS STREET BUS STOP - DAY - 2014 [SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD KARA IS SAT ON A BENCH.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “A mother and child, so lost and alone. Beloved of God, a child of the state, Kara’s daughter Meagan would one day go on to become the direct matrilineal ancestor to Cole’s mother.” [A BABY CARRIAGE IS SET AT KARA’S SIDE. ONE YEAR OLD MEAGAN COOS IN THE CARRIAGE.] CUT TO: - SC5. INT. IFAN’S OFFICE - TRC- DAY - 5080 [IFAN FENCIS IS SAT ON THE COUCH WITH HIS WIFE CORA. CORA’S BLONDE HAIR IS SHOULDER LENGTH. CORA WEARS A GREY SKIRT TOPPED WITH A NAVY BLUE UNIFORM. IFAN AND CORA ARE ENGAGED IN A HEAVY KISSING SESSION. ALONG THE WALL FACING IFAN, AN EDWARDIAN TEA SERVICE IS SET ATOP A BLACK TEAK SHELF. WE HEAR A KNOCK ON THE CLOSED DOOR. IFAN JUMPS TO HIS FEET. IFAN WALKS TOWARDS HIS DESK. IFAN PLACES A HAND ATOP THE FRONT EDGE OF THE DESK.] IFAN FENCIS “Come in.” [THE DOOR OPENS, REVEALING LIZ.] LIZ CARNEGIE "Time travel eh? IFAN FENCIS "Time travel." LIZ CARNEGIE "Cool." IFAN FENCIS "It is cool. You know what's also Cool? I'd like you to meet my wife Cora. You want to talk Baroque music or lavant linguistics; she’s the one. Really, I mean that, she's the one." LIZ CARNEGIE "I see what you did there." IFAN FENCIS “Would you like some tea?” [IFAN GOES TOWARDS THE TEA SERVICE.] COLE JACOB BILLINGTON(V.O.) “But then things began to go wrong, warping reality in ways not meant to be.” CUT TO: -

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